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Health Insurance in Lithuania

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The Lithuanian healthcare system is mainly state-funded and offers a wide range of medical services accessible to all residents of the country. It is based on a mixed model comprising of both public and private healthcare establishments.

Health insurance for expats in Lithuania

How does the Lithuanian healthcare system work?

Here is an overview of how the healthcare system in Lithuania works:

Funding: funding for the healthcare system comes mainly from health insurance contributions collected by the State Social Security Service (Sodra), which are deducted from the income of workers and employers.

Health insurance cover: most Lithuanian residents are covered by this compulsory health insurance scheme, which provides access to basic healthcare, including medical consultations, prescribed medicines, hospital care and preventative dental care.

Third-party payment: the Lithuanian healthcare system uses a third-party payment system in which part of the cost of care is covered by compulsory health insurance. However, there may be additional charges or costs not covered by the insurance, such as non-reimbursable medicines or specialist treatments.

Access to care: Lithuanian residents can access healthcare by visiting designated health establishments, generally depending on where they live. Patients can choose their general practitioner and be referred to specialists if necessary. Emergency services are available in both hospitals and clinics.

How to choose health insurance in Lithuania: local or international?

When you move to Lithuania, it's important to consider your health insurance cover. You can choose between local and international health insurance.

Local health insurance in Lithuania is provided by the state health insurance system, Sodra, which covers the main basic healthcare services. However, it is important to note that this cover may be limited and may not include certain specialist services or more expensive medical care.

Another option for expats is international health insurance, which can provide you with fast access to diagnostics and eligible medical treatment and the freedom to choose where you receive treatment within your area of cover. This can give you reassurance that you could access medical treatment should you become ill.

How much does healthcare cost in Lithuania?

The cost of healthcare in Lithuania varies according to the type of service and the place of treatment. Here are some examples of healthcare costs in Lithuania:

Basic medical consultation: the average cost of a basic medical consultation in Lithuania generally varies between €20 and €50.

Hospitalisation: the average cost of hospitalisation in Lithuania may vary depending on the length of stay, the medical procedure and the room chosen. Daily rates can range from €50 to €200, or even more for top-of-the-range services.

Medicines: medicines in Lithuania can be prescribed by a medical professional and purchased in pharmacies. Prices vary according to the type of medicine and brand.

> Please note: these figures may vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the treatment, the health establishment chosen and the doctor's fees.

Care in Lithuania

Public hospitals

Public hospitals in Lithuania offer both general and specialist medical services. Some of the main public hospitals include Vilnius University Hospital, Kaunas University Hospital and Klaipeda University Hospital.

Private clinics

There are also private clinics in Lithuania that offer a range of medical services. These clinics can offer more personalised care, quicker appointments and greater attention to patients' individual needs.


Pharmacies in Lithuania are easily accessible and stock a wide range of medicines, both prescription and over-the-counter. Pharmacies are generally well-stocked and can provide advice and recommendations on medicines.

Healthcare Facilities


Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos

+370 5 236 5000

Local rates may apply


Republican Hospital of Klaipeda

+370 46 410688

Local rates may apply


Vilnius City Clinical Hospital

+370 5234 4487

Local rates may apply

Emergency numbers in Lithuania

  • 112
    Emergency number
  • 103
  • 370
  • 101
    Emergency medical assistance