Health Insurance in Slovakia

Health Insurance in Slovakia

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Health insurance for expats in Slovakia

Slovakia’s state healthcare system is managed by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and is funded primarily through taxation. Employees, employers and self-employed persons will all make contributions towards the cost of this.

The health insurance system in Slovakia

Public health insurance is mandatory in Slovakia to gain access to the public healthcare system, and must cover any dependants you have.

This is offered by three health insurance companies, and provides a mixture of both public and private healthcare. You can also choose which insurer you wish to be covered with out of the following:

It's important to note that if you wish to use state healthcare, you need to be either be self-employed or an employee, or be a resident of Slovakia.

When living in Slovakia, you can choose your GP, who treats you at the primary point of care and also refer you to a specialist if required. Remember that you must show your insurance card when you visit your GP, which also acts as proof your entitlement to cover.

Pharmacies are available for prescriptions as well as treatment for everyday illnesses, such as a cold or the flu.

How much does health insurance in Slovakia cost?

Most medical treatment in Slovakia is free for those eligible to use the public system, with some exceptions. For example, there may be instances where patients have to pay fees for healthcare services, such as for some dental treatment or cosmetic surgery.

How to choose health insurance in Slovakia: local or international?

Though public health insurance is mandatory in Slovakia, it is compulsory to have proof of health insurance cover when applying for a visa or residency here.

While local healthcare plans can provide you access to private healthcare while living in Slovakia, this cover is limited to the specific country where the policy was taken out.

An alternative option for expats is international health insurance, which gives you cover for medical treatment across multiple countries within your area of cover. It also enables you the freedom to choose where you’re treated and who by.

For more information about the differences between local and international health insurance plans, check out our blog here.

Care in Slovakia

Choosing hospitals in Slovakia

There are a variety of both public and private hospitals in Slovakia to provide medical care to the population. A referral is usually required for hospital treatment unless it is in the event of an emergency.

For more information about the state-funded healthcare system in Slovakia, take a look at the National Health Information Centre’s website.

Health facilities


University Hospital Martin

+421 43/420 3303

Local rates may apply


University Hospital Bratislava

+421 2/572 90111

Local rates may apply


St. Michael's Hospital

+421 2/326 11113

Local rates may apply

Emergency Numbers in Slovakia

  • 112
    Emergency services

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