Telehealth: a doctor just a click away

Telehealth: a doctor just a click away

Living abroad can be an exciting adventure. It opens the door to new experiences and different perspectives. However, finding the right doctor abroad can be difficult. Language and cultural barriers can make communication challenging. How can you ensure that you have access to quality care, wherever you are?

With our telehealth service, you can get in touch with a registered health professional as soon as you need one. This free service is just a few clicks away through our Easy Claim app.

Online consultation: talk to a doctor without having to go anywhere

Too long a wait for a simple General Practitioner (GP) appointment? Don't want to pay nearly $200 to see a doctor? Need to talk to a healthcare professional who speaks your language? Or simply want to stay warm at home?

Consider our free telehealth service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays, wherever you are.

70% of cases are resolved on the phone and do not require a physical examination.

If in doubt, seek a second medical opinion

Uncertain about a diagnosis made by a first doctor? Want to make sure that a proposed treatment is the right call?

Get a second medical opinion! From your Easy Claim app, you can seek expert medical advice. A healthcare professional will advise you on your situation within a maximum of 24 hours. Medical secrecy and data confidentiality are guaranteed.

Still feeling hesitant? Our policyholders are satisfied!

Still feeling hesitant? Our policyholders are satisfied! Infographic telehealth

Xavier, an expat in Taiwan, tried our telehealth service. Find out more about his experience:

Why did you opt for telehealth rather than a "traditional" doctor’s appointment?

I live in Taiwan where the medicine is of high quality, but it is quite difficult to have a conversation with a doctor for more than 30 seconds. Basically, either you are sick and they treat you, or you are not and they don't understand why you went to them. The telehealth service was very useful in identifying the problem and then pointing me to the right specialist with specific questions. Since in Taiwan medical attention is very effective when you know where to knock, my problem is now solved!

What is your impression of the medical response you received from the doctor?

Excellent. I had a first exchange, after which I was able to send additional documents by email and then had a further exchange. All in my mother tongue, with very informative and clear explanations.

Do you expect to make more use of telehealth in the future?


Our Telehealth Partner

We rely on the expertise of our partner Teladoc Health, a world leader in telemedicine, with medical teams speaking more than 30 languages located in 175 countries, and already accessed by more than 43 million people.

With a network of over 50,000 specialist doctors, you can rest assured you’ll get reliable medical service wherever you are.

Our Telehealth Partner Teladoc