Medical providers

Medical providers

Are you a medical provider or a health professional and wish to join a global network? Find out the advantages of being part of the APRIL International network and send us a request!

Why join the APRIL International medical network?

Over 150,000 members with an APRIL International plan

Expats, travellers, holidaymakers... we offer insurance plans for a wide range of profiles. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we refer them to our health professionals for routine or emergency care.

Increased visibility of your facility through our Easy Claim app

Our award-winning Easy Claim app will give members access to digital services, including submission of claims and geolocation of partner providers. Searching for a health professional or facility in the APRIL Network becomes child's play.

Direct billing system in case of outpatient services (only in Asia)

Should you wish to join us, our provider portal will give you access to eligibility confirmation, coverage for qualified outpatient services and pre-authorisation forms. This will help you manage our direct billing agreement when outpatient care is needed.

Access your portal (Asia partners only)

My APRIL portal

Rapid payment and a dedicated Regional APRIL International team

With your dedicated APRIL International team only an email or phone call away, you will be assured of smooth invoice treatment and  faster payments.

Partner with a leader in international insurance

We have more than 40 years experience in the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) business and believe in a 100% digital approach for our provider and members.

Join a large network of over 2 million providers worldwide in 192 countries.

Join a large network of over 2 million providers worldwide in 192 countries.

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