Healthcare networks and direct billing: quality care at the right price

Healthcare networks and direct billing: quality care at the right price

APRIL International has a vast network of renowned hospitals, clinics, and health professionals selected for you in the most visited countries.

Consult a healthcare professional recommended by APRIL

Not sure which hospital to go to for surgery? Having a hard time choosing a doctor in the city you've just moved to? Don't trust the local health system? Or simply don't want to have to search for a healthcare professional?

That’s why we’ve set up a large healthcare network!

 The APRIL International healthcare network worldwide

  • Over 2 million healthcare professionals in 192 countries
  • + 1,475,900 doctors, 5,500 hospitals, + 43,000 medical centres and 68,000 pharmacies in the USA
  • 4,800 referral medical partners in Asia
  • 156,000 professional partners in France
Healthcare networks and direct billing

To quickly identify the healthcare professional or partner establishment closest to you, go to your Easy Claim app.

Enjoy third-party payment in the USA and Asia

Thanks to our network in the United States and Asia, you’ll avoid having to pay fees upfront!

A simple visit to the doctor can quickly lead to financial stress. You can sometimes benefit from a direct billing service in the US or Asia1 to cover your doctor or pharmacy fees through our partner networks, so you can access care with complete peace of mind.

Go to our FAQ to learn how to find a doctor or hospital that’s a member of our network.

Take care of your health without worrying about the bill!

Consult our lists of partners in the United States2:

Consult our lists of partners in Asia and the Middle East3: