Short-term insurance

Short-term insurance

  • 100% online application with immediate insurance certificate 

  • A full package to deal with any eventuality that may disrupt your stay

  • For all your stays abroad from 3 to 12 months

Choose short-term health insurance that follows you around the world

Are you moving abroad for several months for professional or personal reasons? As part of a Working Holiday Visa or a world tour? Are you going to stay in Europe? Thanks to our 100% mobile international insurance solutions, globetrotters, digital nomads, and young people on a WHV can go abroad with peace of mind.

The services that accompany you abroad

  • Submit your claims via the Easy Claim app
  • Flexible coverage: easily customise your cover duration
  • Speak with advisers by chat, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp 24/7
  • No upfront payment in case of hospitalisation
  • Monthly payment option
  • Cover in accordance with the requirements of the long-stay and Working Holiday Visas

Everything you need to know about short-term health insurance

Why should I take out international short-term health insurance?

Are you going abroad as part of a WHV (working holiday visa programme) or a world tour? Are you planning a holiday or a longer trip? Will you be travelling through Europe? Think about your health insurance, and cover yourself from the unexpected! The fact is, you are no longer covered by Social Security or the local equivalent of your country of origin once you’re abroad. By taking out short-term health insurance, you benefit from a healthcare solution that:

- is tailored to your budget and the healthcare costs of your destination country
- covers you in your country of nationality, residence, and during your travels
- covers hospitalisation and, sometimes, very high healthcare costs in certain countries
- includes a repatriation benefit, useful in the event of an accident that requires medical repatriation to your country of nationality or residence

Why should I choose APRIL International?

With over 40 years of experience, we are experts in international health cover and already insure more than 150,000 people abroad! We cover their health expenses associated with medical consultations, medication purchases, medical care or hospitalisation for the duration of their stay abroad. Thanks to our repatriation assistance and personal liability coverage, we can offer globetrotters and young people on a working holiday visa (WHV) a complete insurance solution for their stay abroad.

We are present in the four corners of the globe to be always close to you―with offices in Paris, Mexico, Bangkok, London, Montreux, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cologne, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, and Ho Chi Minh.

260 multilingual employees, to better support you: our teams speak English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, and more.

180 countries covered, so you can go wherever you want!

How can I take out international short-term health insurance?

You can take out international short-term health insurance 100% online! To find the insurance you need, simply click on “Get a quote” or “Find an offer” at the top of this page.

Can I change the duration of my cover?

Yes, you can postpone or change the dates of your cover before its effective date.

How do I request a reimbursement?

Thanks to the Easy Claim app, you can request your reimbursement in a few clicks from your smartphone or tablet. It doesn't matter how high your bill is!

What should I do in case of an emergency?

We can be reached 24/7 at the emergency numbers listed on your insurance card. It is available in your Easy Claim app and downloadable to your wallet.  Have you been urgently hospitalised? Our teams will get in contact directly with the hospital in order to provide care.

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