Health Insurance in the United States

Health Insurance in the United States

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Whilst it is among the best in the world, the American healthcare system is also one of the most expensive, especially since it is not backed by a universal health insurance system. In order to meet their healthcare expenses, most citizens and residents in the United States can only rely on their private health insurance, either local or international.

Health insurance for expats in the U.S.

How does the healthcare system work in the U.S.?

The United States does not have a universal health insurance system. While social assistance provides coverage to disadvantaged households through Medicaid and Medicare, other citizens and residents rely on private insurance to access the U.S. healthcare system

  • Either provided by their employer: Companies with more than 50 employees are obliged to offer insurance to their employees working more than 30 hours a week;

  • Or taken out individually: Made mandatory by Obamacare, individual insurance has been optional again since 2019 (except in certain states that have decided to maintain the mandatory provision). 

Important to know: As the coverage provided by employers is not always sufficient, many employees take out additional individual health insurance.

How to choose health insurance in the United States: local or international?

U.S. health insurance plans are divided into 5 categories, depending on the level of coverage:

  • Catastrophic coverage (for people under 30 and for people with a hardship exemption)

  • Bronze (60% of healthcare costs)

  • Silver (70% of healthcare costs)

  • Gold (80% of healthcare costs)

  • Platinum (90% of healthcare costs)

You can compare the different plans’ terms and conditions as well as rates on an official marketplace. Beyond that, you should pay close attention to the specific conditions of contracts, which often include:

  • Copayments (mandatory out-of-pocket expenses for certain treatments)

  • Fee-for-service deductibles

  • Annual deductibles (maximum out of pocket)

Another option is to choose international health insurance. This is often advantageous as it offers levels and conditions of coverage that are often superior to those of U.S. insurers, as well as specific guarantees that are particularly useful for expats.

What is the cost of healthcare in the U.S.?

Examples of reimbursements with MyHealth International COMFORT in relation to the cost of care in the USA in the private sector*, reimbursed from 60 to 90% maximum through local U.S. health insurance (excluding deductibles and copayments)

  • GP consultation
    • USD 0.00
    • USD 230.00
  • Specialist consultation
    • USD 0.00
    • USD 320.00
  • Dental scaling
    • USD 0.00
    • USD 1,000.00
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • APRIL International

Care in the United States

Choosing hospitals in the U.S.

The U.S. healthcare system is one of the best in the world: state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment and qualified professionals in both the private and public sectors. Every year a number of organisations list the various U.S. hospitals according to their specialties.

However, public institutions suffer from structural saturation, which often imposes on patients very long waiting times, and sometimes uneven conveniences from one facility to another. Thus, private hospitals are key when looking for speedy care, but their rates are much more expensive.

The above disadvantages can be circumvented by using the private hospitals listed by your international health insurance company: these healthcare networks, which have been carefully set up, guarantee both an excellent quality of care and adjusted treatment rates. 

Health facilities

Los Angeles

Adventist Health White Memorial

+1 323-268-5000

Local call rates apply

New York City

NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue

+1 212-562-4141

Local call rates apply


Jackson Memorial Hospital

+1 305-585-1111

Local call rates apply

Emergency Numbers in the United States

  • 911
    All emergencies (health, police, fire)

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