Health Insurance in the Americas

Health insurance in the Americas

Considering going to the Americas? Have you considered taking out insurance to cover all your healthcare needs?

Discover the Wonders of the Americas - Stay Protected with Comprehensive Health Insurance

Planning a journey to the Americas? From the wide-open spaces of Canada and the United States to the majestic Andes Mountains and Amazon Rainforest, this vast landmass is teeming with adventure. However, healthcare costs can be extremely high, particularly in the United States. To ensure you're covered for all your medical expenses and can fully indulge in your American adventure, having comprehensive health insurance is critical. Let us be your healthcare ally and take care of all your medical needs so you can focus on the excitement of your journey!

Health insurance in the Americas: what you need to know

Why should you take out health insurance in the Americas?

When you leave your home country, you are no longer covered by its Social Security system or its local equivalent. And the costs of healthcare are very high in many countries. The Americas can sometimes hold some surprises, either because healthcare is very expensive, or because some places are home to tropical diseases. Travel with peace of mind by doing your research beforehand and taking out suitable health insurance.

How to take out international health insurance?

In most cases, you can take out your health insurance in just a few clicks 100% online. Simply choose your coverage options such as your country of origin, destination, and length of stay at the top of the page to help find the right solution. Then, all you need to do is request a quote and complete the online application form.

How do I manage my online insurance policy?

With the Easy Claim app, available on the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android), you can manage your day-to-day insurance in a few clicks. Send and track your reimbursement claims, consult a doctor remotely, find healthcare professionals and useful contacts, or download your insurance card... all your services are available on the app!

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