Health Insurance in Brazil

Health Insurance in Brazil

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Although the Brazilian constitution provides for free and universal access to the public healthcare system, the unequal distribution of medical infrastructures and the saturation of hospitals lead nationals and expatriates to turn to the private sector. Keep in mind, though, that although the private sector offers a very high quality of care, its costs are also very high and require the purchase of additional health insurance.

Health insurance for expats in Brazil

The health insurance system in Brazil

The Single Health System (Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS), established in 1988, guarantees all residents universal access, completely free of charge, to public health services and to private hospitals under agreement.

In order to benefit from this system, the insured person must follow a specific care pathway, always visiting a basic SUS unit (posto de saúde or clínica da família) as a first step, which may refer them to another doctor or hospital if necessary. Their health expenses will then be fully covered:

  • General practitioner and specialist consultations

  • Examinations and tests

  • Hospitalisation in an approved public or private sector centre

  • Medicines listed as essential and those supplied in hospital

Other health services provided by professionals or private establishments not covered by public-sector agreement, as well as most medicines, remain at the expense of the insured.

How to choose health insurance in Brazil: local or international?

In order to cover their remaining expenses and any care that is not reimbursed by the SUS, many Brazilians and foreign residents choose to obtain complementary solutions, including:

  • planos de saúde (health plans), which allow consultation within a local network of affiliated doctors and establishments;

  • cooperativas medicas (health co-ops), which allow members to access all care services provided by a single hospital in exchange for a contribution (or autogestão, when this solution is negotiated by a company for its employees).

Private health insurance plans, which cover the cost of care wherever it is provided, are less developed in the country. By opting for international insurance, however, residents in Brazil can benefit from extensive coverage and can be treated in the institution and professional of their choice.

The cost of healthcare in Brazil

Examples of reimbursements with MyHealth International COMFORT in relation to the cost of care in Brazil in the private sector*.

  • GP consultation
    • BRL 0.00
    • BRL 600.00
  • Specialist consultation
    • BRL 0.00
    • BRL 1,000.00
  • Dental scaling
    • BRL 0.00
    • BRL 1,000.00
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • APRIL International

Care in Brazil

Choosing hospitals in Brazil

The SUS is tax-financed and implemented at the local level by each Brazilian municipality. This decentralisation leads to a strong inequality in the geographical distribution of the contracted institutions and their equipment.

In rural areas, some specialties are not even offered, and in the largest cities, where there is a high level of medical tourism, the waiting time for non-urgent hospitalisation can be several months.

To benefit from high-quality care and rapid treatment similar to European standards, Brazilians and expatriates in Brazil turn to the private sector as soon as they can. It is in these health facilities that they are also most likely to find professionals who speak their language.

APRIL International has an extensive network of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers where you can benefit from direct billing services and high-quality care in Europe and across the world.

To find your nearest health professional or partner establishment in just a few clicks, go to your Easy Claim application.

Health facilities

São Paulo

Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital

+55 11 2151-1233

Local call rates apply

São Paulo

Sírio-Libanês Hospital

+55 11 3394-5520

Local call rates apply

Rio de Janeiro

Samaritano Botafogo Hospital

+55 21 3444-1000

Local call rates apply

Emergency Numbers in Brazil

  • 192
    Medical emergencies
  • 193
    Fire department
  • 194
    Federal police

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