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Health Insurance in Poland

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The health system in Poland is based on a mixed system, combining both public and private health services. The country has a well-developed medical infrastructure with modern health establishments and qualified health professionals.

Health insurance for expats in Poland

How does the Polish healthcare system work?

The healthcare system in Poland is mainly based on a social security model, where the majority of healthcare is financed by the National Health Fund (NFZ), also known as "Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia". Here are some key facts about how the Polish healthcare system works:

Compulsory health insurance: In Poland, health insurance is compulsory for all residents. People working in Poland are automatically enrolled in the NFZ by their employer and contribute to health insurance through through payroll deductions. Family members who do not work may be covered as dependants.

Network of healthcare providers: NFZ has contracts with healthcare providers, such as public hospitals, clinics and doctors' surgeries to provide healthcare services. Policyholders can choose their family doctor (the "lekarz rodzinny") and be referred to specialists if necessary. However, the availability of specialists may vary from region to region.

Co-payments and additional charges: Although many health services are covered by the NFZ, there may be co-payments and additional charges for certain treatments, medicines or specialist services. The amounts of co-payments may vary depending on the services and the insured person's situation.

Accessing healthcare services

NFZ policyholders have access to a range of free or discounted healthcare, including primary care, specialists, medicines, diagnostic tests, hospital treatment and dental care. However, there may be waiting lists for some non-urgent treatments.

Private clinics

Private clinics in Poland offer high-quality medical services, modern facilities, and fast access to care. They are often preferred by those who want personalised attention and fast access to care.

Specialist medical centres

There are also specialist medical centres in Poland, focusing on specific areas such as cosmetic surgery, fertility, dentistry and many others. These centres offer specialised treatments and are often equipped with the latest technology.

How to choose health insurance in Poland: Local or international?

When it comes to choosing health insurance in Poland, expats generally have two options: local health insurance or international health insurance. These policies can be tailored to the specific needs of expatriates and offer cover for basic medical expenses. However, it is important to note that some local insurance policies may not cover medical care abroad.

On the other hand, international health insurance offers worldwide cover, which means that expats in Poland can benefit from healthcare not only in the country, but also when travelling abroad.

Some of the benefits of international medical insurance plans include cover for specialist care, emergency medical evacuation. This can be particularly advantageous for those who travel frequently or plan to visit their home country while in Poland.

How much does healthcare cost in Poland?

The cost of healthcare in Poland can vary depending on the type of medical service, the healthcare establishment and the insurance cover. Here are some examples of average healthcare costs in Poland:

  • Consultation with a general practitioner: The average cost of a consultation with a general practitioner in Poland is around PLN 100-150 (around €25-35).

  • Consultation with a specialist: The cost of a consultation with a specialist can vary depending on the speciality. On average, it can range from PLN 150 to PLN 300 (around €35 to €70) per visit.

  • Hospitalisation: The cost of hospitalisation may differ considerably depending on the length of stay, the type of room and the care required. The average cost of a day's hospitalisation in a public hospital can range from PLN 300 to 600 (around €70 to €140).

  • Medicines: The cost of a medicine depends on the type, brand and medical prescription.

Care in Poland

Choosing hospitals in Poland

Public hospitals in Poland offer a full range of medical services and are generally accessible to all residents and visitors.

The official website of the National Health Fund (NFZ) in Poland provides information on the public health system and health care establishments under agreement with the NFZ. You can find lists of hospitals, clinics and medical centres.

Healthcare facilities


Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos

+370 5 236 5000

Local rates may apply


University Clinical Centre

+48 587 270 505

Local call rates may apply


Krakow University Hospital

+48 124 001 000

Local rates may apply

Emergency numbers in Poland

  • 112
    Emergency telephone number