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Health Insurance in Cyprus

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Since 2019, Cyprus has provided universal health coverage to its citizens and residents, which is known as known as the General Healthcare System (GESY). This is managed by the Cypriot Ministry of Health and is mainly funded through taxes and social security contributions.

Health insurance for expats in Cyprus

The health insurance system in Cyprus

You have to be a resident and pay social security contributions before you can access the public healthcare system; you will receive a medical card once you've registered, which means you can receive co-payments at a reduced rate.

Expats must also register with a general practitioner, who will be responsible for providing you with primary care, and is also on hand to refer you for specialist medical treatment if this is required.

Healthcare services that are included as part of the Cypriot healthcare system are:

  • Dental services

  • Emergency services

  • Inpatient treatment

  • GP appointments

As well as buy medicines from pharmacies, patients can receive guidance here on less serious illnesses. Pharmacies are open throughout the week, usually staying open until 7pm in the evenings, and 1pm on weekends.

How much will I pay?

How much you pay for medical treatment can vary based factors such your annual salary and if you have any dependants.

Cypriot state healthcare is not completely free, and you may have to make some co-payments; examples of costs you could pay for medical treatment include:

  • €10 euros for a trip to an accident and emergency centre;

  • €1 euro for prescribed medication;

  • €6 for a GP referral to see a specialist.[1]

How to choose health insurance in Cyprus: local or international?

If you're thinking about moving to Cyprus, then there are two main health insurance types you can choose from: local or international.

Should you opt for international health insurance, you can receive quick access to high-quality medical treatment within your area of cover, as well as the flexibility of the facility where you're treated and who treats you.

It's worth noting that to acquire a visa for Cyprus, then you must have health insurance cover that meets certain requirements. This includes providing cover for a minimum of €30,000 euros, and lasting for the length of time you remain here.

Care in Cyprus

Choosing hospitals in Cyprus

There are many public hospitals found across Cyprus, providing services to the 1.25 million people who live here. The largest public healthcare provider is the State Healthcare Services Organisation, which is responsible for 9 hospitals and 38 health centres across the country.

Healthcare services patients can access in public healthcare facilities include: specialist consultations, maternity care, inpatient treatment and preventative services.

Health facilities


Nicosia General Hospital

+357 2260 3000

Local rates may apply


Larnica General Hospital

+357 2480 0500

Local rates may apply


Paphos General Hospital

+357 2680 3100

Local rates may apply

Emergency numbers in Cyprus

  • 112
    Emergency telephone number

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