Health Insurance in Jordan

Health Insurance in Jordan

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Jordan is known for having an excellent standard of medical care, but it is concentrated primarily in its capital, Amman. Waiting times are restricted, which is beneficial for those who require treatment but don’t want to face long delays in receiving it.

Its Ministry of Health is responsible for managing the public system. This includes delivering preventative services, regulating different health services, and technological progress.

Health insurance for expats in Jordan

The health insurance system in Jordan

Public healthcare in Jordan is largely subsidised, but is not completely free. Jordan’s government and payroll deductions provide the main source of financing for these services.

To access healthcare services, set procedures must first be followed. When you first start a job as an expat, your employer must send off documentation along with your passport, within 15 days of your start date. Once this is complete, you will be able to use the public system.

The country offers a home healthcare service to help lessen wait times for medical treatment, which was introduced in 2017 for those needing long-term care.

Accessing medication is fairly straightforward, with many medicines being available for purchase at pharmacies over the counter. However, in some cases a prescription will be needed.

How much will I pay?

The cost of healthcare is made more affordable by large subsidisation from the government, but you could expect to pay for different services depending on what kind of treatment is needed.

How to choose health insurance in Jordan: local or international?

Expats in Jordan can opt for an international health insurance plan to help cover the costs of their medical treatment.

The cost of private medical treatment in Jordan can be lower than some countries, but if you travel around a lot, an international expat health insurance plan might be a suitable option for you.

If you’re looking for more comfort from your stay in hospital or for more facilities, then private treatment is recommended. There are 71 private hospitals in Jordan, providing expats with plenty of choice.

Care in Jordan

Choosing hospitals in Jordan

There are a variety of hospitals in Jordan, including private, public, and the military’s Royal Medical Services. In its public healthcare system, there are 27 hospitals and more than 1,200 primary care facilities.

Jordan is also home to a world-renowned specialist cancer treatment facility, the King Hussein Centre, as well as other high-quality care facilities.

Have a look at the Ministry of Health’s website for more information about the country’s medical facilities.

Health facilities


Jordan Hospital

+962 65608080

Local call rates apply


The Specialty Hospital

+962 62001111

Local call rates apply


Abdulhadi Hospital

+962 64607070

Local call rates apply

Emergency Numbers in Jordan

  • 911
    Medical emergencies
  • 911
    Fire department
  • 911

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