Health Insurance in Kenya

Health Insurance in Kenya

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The national government manages the healthcare system in Kenya, consisting of a mixture of public and private services.

Public healthcare is divided into separate branches, including government hospitals, dispensaries, and health centres.

Health insurance for expats in Kenya

The health insurance system in Kenya

The health system in Kenya is subsidised through contributions made by employees in their workplace through the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), and is mandatory for workers.

This scheme can cover the medical needs of your closest family members, and may also be joined voluntarily by certain groups of the population, such as those who are self-employed.

However, using public healthcare services will require payment upfront if you do not have private insurance or are not part of the NHIF through your employer.

Patients will usually visit to a pharmacy for initial medical treatment, but these only provide a basic level of care. For more complex illnesses, they could be referred to a hospital for further treatment.

Some of the medical services routinely found in hospitals in Kenya incorporate:

  • Emergency services

  • Maternity care

  • Overnight hospital stays

  • Outpatient services

In some instances, a patient might also be referred to a health centre from a dispensary. This branch of the healthcare system offers basic primary health services, including:

  • General consultations

  • Vaccinations

  • Treatment for common illnesses

As the country’s official languages, healthcare services are likely to be delivered in Swahili or English. It is important to bear this in mind if you’re thinking about moving to Kenya.

For more information about Kenya’s public health system, have a look at its Ministry of Health website.

How to choose health insurance in Sweden: local or international?

To protect their medical needs when living abroad, many expats opt for an international health insurance plan.

This can give members access to leading medical facilities, avoid long waiting times for treatment, and have the freedom to choose where they receive medical care.

If you travel around a lot, then an international expat health insurance plan is something to consider. This will give you the reassurance that you can access medical treatment quickly in the event you fall ill.

Care in Kenya

Choosing hospitals in Kenya

There are several kinds of hospitals in Kenya that provide medical services, ranging from national referral hospitals which deliver more specialised services, to local but restricted care at sub-district hospitals.

Those with private insurance will also have the choice to be treated at a private hospital, where expats will find the most advanced technology and a higher standard of care.

Health facilities


Aga Khan University Hospital

+254 111 011 888

Local call rates apply


The Nairobi Hospital

+254 202 845 000

Local call rates apply


Diani Beach Hospital

+254 700 999 999

Local call rates apply

Emergency Numbers in Kenya

  • 999
    Medical emergencies
  • 999
    Fire department
  • 999

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