• published on 5/18/2022
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Seniors: Are There Age Limits for Travel Insurance?

Making the most of your retirement to discover new things and travel the world: that's the plan shared by many baby boomers who are as dynamic as you are! But for your next holiday, you have decided not to take any risks and to take out travel insurance. Medical expenses, repatriation, loss of luggage . . . You want to be covered no matter what happens, and no matter what your age is. Is that really possible? Find out all about age limits for travel insurance.

Seniors: Are There Age Limits for Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance: what are the age limits and why do they exist?

With many insurers, there is indeed an age limit after which it becomes impossible to take out travel insurance. In many cases, this limit is set at 70 years of age, or even 60 with some companies. In addition, as the age of the insured increases, the price of the travel insurance may also increase.

Why such policies? This is simply because from a certain age onwards, the risk factors are considered to increase as well. And risk means higher potential costs for the insurer.

Duration of travel: an additional factor

In addition to the age of the insured, the length of the trip may also be a factor. Thus, while some insurers agree to cover seniors, they may limit their policy in terms of time. Generally, the duration of this period does not exceed 3 months.

For shorter trips, insurers can make concessions; the rates may be lower and the age limits extended. However, after the age of 75, it generally becomes difficult to obtain insurance for travel abroad. Unless you take out a specialised insurance policy!

Travelling without travel insurance when you are a senior citizen: what are the consequences?

Going on holiday outside your country without travel insurance can have unfortunate consequences. If you fall ill or have an accident during your trip, paying for your medical expenses could be very expensive.

Do you live in the European Union? While in Europe you can use your European Health Insurance Card and be reimbursed (conditionally, and sometimes partially), outside the EU the situation is different. In countries like the United States or Canada, a simple medical procedure or a day in hospital may cost you several thousand euros.

APRIL International: travel insurance for seniors for your trips abroad

After your well-deserved retirement, it's time for you to enjoy and go travelling! But not in any which way.

At APRIL, we believe that everyone has a right to travel insurance tailored to their needs. With no age limit, we cover senior travellers on long stays, including at sea with our cruise insurance. Planning a holiday abroad with family or friends? Choose our group insurance!

Are you going abroad for a few weeks or months? Our My Travel Cover insurance may be available to you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details, and to get your free quote!