• published on 3/9/2023
  • 4min

Tips for Finding the Right Accommodation when Travelling

There are a variety of different accommodation options to choose from when travelling. Whether you’re travelling for work, an extended time abroad, or just for a holiday, it is important to select somewhere that is right for you.

Tips for Finding the Right Accommodation when Travelling

Table of contents

1. Choose a good location

2. Check out the reviews

3. Review the amenities

4. Consider the price

5. Think about the type of accommodation

You should consider factors such as location, customer reviews and cost when booking accommodation. It could take some time to decide, as there are numerous websites that advertise places to stay.

Continue reading to get some tips on how to find your preferred accommodation.

Choose a good location

Choosing a location to stay in is difficult, as there are many options available. Cost could play a role in this, as hotels away from a city centre could be cheaper.

In the event you’re travelling for work, it would make sense for your accommodation to be near your workplace for easy travel. It means your journey to work is less likely to be affected by traffic jams or delays with public transport.

However, if you’re only in the country for a short time, the accommodation’s proximity to the local airport could be essential for you. Make sure to check with the hotel if they have an airport shuttle, as this can be a convenient way to travel.

Other considerations include a quiet location to get a good night’s sleep or, if you want to experience the lively atmosphere of the city at night-time, staying in the centre of activity.

Check out the reviews

When searching for a place to stay, customer reviews can be invaluable. You can gain an understanding of what people really think of the accommodation, rather than just what the establishment advertises the experience to be like.

Be sure to read reviews cautiously, as some of them might not be relevant for what you’re looking for in accommodation. They can, though, offer useful insight into different features that you may not have thought of.

Take time with your research before booking anywhere, as there are lots of website that display customer reviews. Doing thorough research could mean you find a place that makes your trip that extra bit special.

Review the amenities

Amenities can make your stay a little more comfortable. Common extras provided include free Wi-Fi, a complimentary breakfast, or access to gym facilities. Not all amenities may appeal to you, however; for example, if you’re a fan of eating breakfast out, then opting for a free breakfast might not be worth it.

If you’ve come abroad to relax, then spa facilities and gym access might be  preferable. However, be careful to check the cost of amenities before you book, as they may charge you a fee to use them.

Some booking websites allow you to book packages that give you certain amenities with your stay for a discount. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of any deals, so you’re fully informed of what’s involved.

Many travellers also take their cars abroad with them, so allotted parking would be an added benefit for some. It is recommended to check the parking facilities beforehand to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

Consider the price

The cost of your accommodation is a key consideration when booking a trip away. The price can depend on things like location, country, and amenities.

Those looking for a 5-star experience could see the price of the stay be more expensive. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at the accommodation, then extra comfort might be what you’re searching for.

It’s a good idea to shop around when selecting somewhere, as often you can get discounts and special offers on booking websites. You might also get a cheaper price if you travel at certain times of the year.

Think about the type of accommodation

It is important you find an accommodation that is suitable for your needs. Different kinds of lodging include hostels, hotels, cabins, and apartment rentals.

If you’re travelling on a budget, your choice of stay could be impacted. Staying in a hostel or further out of the centre could save you money on your trip. You could also budget well if you cook your own meals – in this case an apartment rental might work.

The charm and character of a building could also influence your choice. It can add a bit of magic to your trip and increase your excitement in the lead up to it. Wherever you decide to stay, make sure to prepare well so you have a pleasant time.