• published on 4/30/2021
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Which medical and emergency assistance services are included in my policy?

All APRIL International Care members of one of our Asian plans can benefit from medical and emergency assistance services. Whether you need a second medical opinion while traveling abroad, need to be hospitalised urgently, or even repatriated to your home country, we will always be there to assist you. Behind this 24/7 service stands a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of medical procedures and emergency situations.

Which medical and emergency assistance services are included in my policy?

Our expertise

All medical assistance cases are handled by APRIL Assistance Thailand, where a team of 20 Bangkok-based assistance agents is available 24/7. Our medical team includes 6 full-time nurses dedicated to medical case management plus 3 other nurses who look after cost control and 3 doctors. They are in charge of checking that the treatments given to the patients are appropriate and medically necessary, and also negotiate rates with hospitals to make sure APRIL clients are treated in high-quality facilities at reasonable and customary costs.

Our daily cases

APRIL Assistance is handling a wide variety of cases on a daily basis, from very light issues to more serious and complex cases.

Medical emergency management

In Asia, an unexpected emergency can quickly arise and when you are far away from home, it is vital to have a team and a service you can trust. Wherever you are in the world, our team is available 24/7 and will immediately take action to deal with your medical emergency. For instance, in case of a heart attack, APRIL Assistance will send an ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital. Or in case of emergency hospitalisation, we will also get in touch with the medical facility and issue a guarantee of payment (called letter of guarantee) to make sure you’re not stuck trying to figure out how to pay for your treatment or hospital stay out of your own pocket.

Medical evacuation and repatriation

In addition, we also offer a medical evacuation and repatriation service. "Evacuation cases are mostly when clients don't have access to suitable facilities to treat them. For instance, if we have a client in Laos with no access to a suitable medical facility, we will send a nurse or a doctor to pick them up and transfer them to a suitable facility" Diane Ricart, Regional COO, informs us.

When we receive the case, our team evaluates the state of the patient, the treatment required and the closest and most suitable medical facilities according to their location. If no adequate facility is found, they will be evacuated and brought to the most suitable place for treatment. Depending on the state of the patient, they will be transferred either on commercial flights or by air ambulance in more critical cases. "A lot of cases are actually transferred to Bangkok, which possesses world-class medical facilities and also enjoys a central location in Southeast Asia."

Travel assistance

In addition to these cases, our team can also assist you with any inconvenience arising during your holiday. Cash advance, lost luggage, cancelled flight... We are here to make your life easier when you are on the road. "Regarding travel assistance, we are dealing with a wide variety of cases on a daily basis. One day, a client forgot his surfboard during his holiday in Bali and we had to send it back to him!" Thanasorn Mangkangsanga, Operations Manager, remembers.

APRIL Assistance in numbers

With thousands of cases handled over the years, our team has accumulated a great wealth of knowledge. Thanks to their experience and training, they are able to act swiftly and make the right decisions in stressful situations while keeping the best interests of the patient as their primary focus.

Today, we are not only assisting APRIL members, but also other companies who decided to place their trust in us. In 2019, the medical and security assistance company SOS International has chosen APRIL Assistance to handle their cases in Asia. "This is a huge milestone for us but also a great recognition from the market. We hired and trained 15 people and already handled in 3 months as many cases as we did in 2017!" Diane declares.

Always keep your contacts at your fingertips

If you need to reach APRIL Assistance, whether you are at home or on the road, you can find your emergency numbers in the contacts section of the Easy Claim app! Make sure it is installed on your smartphone so you have your contact numbers at your fingertips. For more information about your assistance services, please log in to your Online Portal and download your Emergency Assistance Program, available in the documents section.

Medical and emergency assistance with every APRIL international health insurance plan

The stellar medical and emergency assistance services offered by APRIL Assistance come complimentary with every one of our international health insurance plans designed to protect you in Asia; individual, family and group plans included. Contact us today or visit any of our product pages below to learn more about what our plans can offer you.