International health plans for companies

Better access to healthcare for your employees

We offer personalised international health plans for companies of all sizes.

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Why choose APRIL International?

We craft insurance solutions that fit the needs of your employees. With APRIL International, you have all the tools you need to design customised and sustainable cover. Designed with you in mind, our cover will accompany your employees anywhere in the world.

Easy access to quality healthcare for your employees

  • Local expertise, international service standards
  • Multilingual customer service
  • 24/7, unlimited telehealth services
  • Access to 2 million trusted providers worldwide
  • Fully digital experience for your employees
  • Freedom to choose medical providers

Our commitment to offering sustainable health plans

We work hand in hand with healthcare professionals, companies and their employees to positively impact their access to healthcare while guaranteeing sustainable prices throughout the years. From policy management to claims and medical assistance, all our operations are in-house, allowing us to rigorously control costs and keep your premiums down.

How to cover your employees: what you need to know

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