Healthcare networks: quality care around the world

Healthcare networks: quality care around the world

Do you want to ensure that your employees have access to quality healthcare, wherever they are in the world? We understand!

APRIL International has an extensive international presence (6 management centres and 8 international platforms accessible 24/7), as well as a vast healthcare network of thousands of healthcare professionals and facilities.

Our protocol for selecting these partners is managed by a body made up of doctors and healthcare network specialists. Their rigorous accreditation process ensures that only reputable facilities that meet high quality standards are able to receive and treat our insured.

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Our multiple healthcare networks in Asia

Direct billing networks

Thanks to our networks in Asia, your employees can benefit from outpatient consultations with local doctors and facilities without upfront fees. Our teams work hard to ensure that your employees have access to the main hospitals in their region and that pricing schedules are reasonable and customary.

General network

Our global healthcare network consists of nearly 4,500 professionals in Asia, covering all specialties. They are available to your employees in most Asian countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and the Philippines.

Panel network

Within the same network, you can choose to offer third-party payment services to your employees in a selection of establishments called a “panel”. This selection will offer you a discount on your premium, and your employees will have access to more than 4,000 medical providers covering a wide range of health disciplines (general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapy centres, medical imaging centres, and laboratories) in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Our extensive healthcare network in the United States

Thanks to our partnership with Global Excel, your employees benefit from:

  • Access to one of the largest healthcare networks in the United States

Nearly 690,000 doctors and more than 6,000 hospitals, accessible without upfront fees.  We take care of your employees' health expenses directly.

  • A direct billing card for pharmacies

No upfront payment is required when purchasing drugs at over 68,000 partner pharmacies in the US. 

  • Direct payment of hospital fees

Following an emergency hospitalisation, our teams immediately contact the healthcare facility to establish a prior payment agreement. Our priority is to make their admission as easy as possible! Your employees can also benefit from a prior agreement in case of scheduled hospitalisation.

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