Essential health cover while studying or living abroad

Essential health cover while studying or living abroad

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Solutions that meet the expectations of universities and schools

Since 2010, APRIL has been insuring schools and universities of all sizes worldwide by offering international health insurance solutions for students, teachers, and supervisory staff.

Is your institution looking to insure your students and teaching/supervisory staff during their stays abroad? We have the right solution for you, so that they can leave with peace of mind and focus on what's really important to them.

Services that make things easier while abroad

  • Multilingual advisers available via Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp
  • Manage all procedures related to your policy via the Easy Claim app
  • Unlimited 24/7 telehealth service included
  • 100% healthcare with no deductible and no waiting period
  • Express reimbursement of your expenses through instant transfer

All about international health insurance for schools and universities

Why take out stay-abroad health insurance?

When a student, teacher, or supervisory staff member goes abroad, their home-country health cover is usually not valid. Their level of protection is then largely insufficient for the costs of care they may have to face, which vary greatly from one country to another, and are sometimes very high. Hence, the importance of taking out international health insurance to avoid excessive costs— it covers health expenses that are scarcely (or not at all) reimbursed by the staff member’s basic plan!

How to choose the right health insurance

Before taking out health insurance, it is important to consider several criteria:

- The current status of the traveller (student, professional, or organisation)
- Length of stay abroad (less than one year, or more than one year)
- The desired level of cover (in case of emergency, and according to healthcare use patterns)
- Contract restrictions (exclusions and waiting periods)

APRIL International offers solutions adapted to these different criteria to ensure a good stay abroad for all insured profiles.

What does international health insurance cover?

Covered medical expenses may vary from plan to plan, depending on the package you choose. Generally, international health insurance covers expenses related to medical consultations (general or specialist), hospitalisations, accidents, and/or emergencies.

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