International health plans for NGOs and International Organisations

Worldwide access to healthcare for your staff

We design tailored health plans for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and International Organisations (IOs).

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Why choose APRIL International?

Because of our experience, we focus our approach on crafting insurance solutions that fit your specific needs, and those of your staff members.

Easier plan management for your organisation is possible. We provide a single point of contact to manage your account, ensuring that we are always close to your decision makers. Our extensive and transparent reporting system is designed to help you make better-informed decisions, giving you the tools you need to manage your plan with confidence.

Everywhere in the world, our sustainable solutions, resources and global network—even in remote areas—will support your staff members for peace of mind during their assignments.

Easy access to quality healthcare for your staff members and their dependents

  • Multilingual customer service
  • 24/7, unlimited telehealth and e-prescriptions services
  • Access to 2 million trusted providers worldwide
  • Fully digital experience for your employees
  • Freedom to choose medical providers

Our commitment to offering sustainable health plans

We work hand in hand with healthcare professionals, organisations, and their employees to guarantee sustainable prices over the years. This allows us to positively impact your employees’ access to healthcare, while guaranteeing stable pricing over time.

From policy management to claims or medical assistance, all our operations are in-house, allowing us to tightly control costs—and, once again, keep your premiums down.

How to cover your staff: what you need to know

How to design the health plan that fits your staff members’ needs?

We can help you create a personalised plan based on different factors:

- The coverage level you require
- The size of your organisation
- Your budget
- The location of your staff

We can offer different coverage levels and zones per category of staff (expats, locals, etc.) to diversify your plan set-up.

If you plan to change your current corporate health insurance, we can match and tweak benefits to better fit your organisation's needs, or walk you through creating a plan that suits you best.

We can also structure your plan so that you can offer voluntary upgrades to your employees if they feel they need additional coverage, such as for dental cover, benefit upgrades, and opt-in maternity coverage.

Where is APRIL based?

We have local offices and dedicated teams in France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, the UAE, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Should your employees need to get in touch with our customer service, have a question about a claim, or need to reach out to our assistance platform, they will always be able to reach one of our NGO and IO dedicated team members in their time zone and in their native language. For plan administrators, it also means that your points of contact will always be in close proximity.

Where will your employees be covered?

We offer standard areas of coverage that can be personalised according to your needs. We are able to cover your employees in all locations worldwide, and we are able to diversify the region of cover according to staff category or host country in order to manage premium costs.

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