Case management: quality services and specific support

Case management: quality services and specific support

Do you want to offer your employees optimal coverage at sustainable rates? We are redoubling our efforts to contain the cost of care, and thus limit price increases.

Our health insurance solutions are constantly evolving to ensure that our international clients have a complete range of insurance plans that effectively meet the major challenge of international healthcare: combining access to professionals abroad, quality of care, and cost control.

Thanks to our expertise and networks of leading healthcare institutions around the world, our teams can provide your employees with attentive support, 24/7, in both emergency and scheduled-care situations.

A personalised approach to case management

  • Your employee has a scheduled hospitalisation or is admitted to hospital.

  • APRIL International assesses their situation.

  • Several options are available:
    - Transfer to another health facility or country
    - Repatriation to country of origin
    - Patient’s free choice

A complete set of solutions

  • A telehealth and second-medical-opinion service, accessible through the Easy Claim app 

  • A worldwide network of partner healthcare facilities with no need to pay in advance

  • The assistance of our in-house medical team, who can evaluate the prescribed treatments, offer advice, and propose alternative care options 

  • The complete management and coordination of transfers to healthcare facilities outside your employee’s country of residence, provided by our assistance teams (internal in Asia) 

  • Evacuation and repatriation services which are among the best on the market

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