• published on 1/5/2022
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Singapore Health Insurance for Your Children

Finding quality, affordable health insurance for your children can be a challenging task. If you’re raising a young family in Singapore, perhaps you already have coverage for the adults in your family. Now, you may be searching for an insurance option that will allow you to cover your newborns or young children.

Singapore Health Insurance for Your Children

With the MyHEALTH Singapore Hospital and Surgery ESSENTIAL plan + Outpatient EXTENSIVE option, you can get peace of mind knowing your children’s’ health will be taken care of. Here’s what this combination can offer you:

What’s Included in Our Singapore Health Insurance Plans for Children

When you choose the Hospital and Surgery ESSENTIAL plan + Outpatient EXTENSIVE option, for an affordable monthly premium you’ll get the crucial health insurance coverage your children need. This includes comprehensive inpatient coverage for major illnesses as well as outpatient coverage for routine check-ups and vaccinations. And if your child needs to see a specialist (like an osteopath, chiropractor, or speech therapist), they can visit one right away, without needing a referral from a GP.

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Benefits of Children’s Health Insurance in Singapore

In the first few years of their life, children have many important healthcare requirements. Babies and toddlers need frequent health and development screenings, while school-aged children typically need annual checkups. MyHEALTH Singapore follows the needs of your children as they grow up.

With MyHEALTH, you’ll be able to choose your own medical provider for your children’s consultations. There are no network restrictions, unless you choose the Specified Inpatient Provider option to save money on your premium.

You can customise MyHEALTH’s outpatient plan to fit your needs. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution, you can opt for 20% Co-Insurance. This means your children will be fully covered for treatments obtained within our panel network, while you’ll pay 20% of each outpatient consultation outside this network. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more complete solution, you can choose the Outpatient Elite option. This offers you higher annual limits for checkups and vaccinations.

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MyHEALTH: An Affordable Option for Singapore Health Insurance

Unlike many other insurance companies, APRIL International will not charge you any additional fees (“loading charges”) for a child-only policy. There is also no waiting period: you can rest assured your child will be covered for all benefits, including checkups and vaccinations, from day one.

So how much should you plan to spend on health insurance for children in Singapore? Here are a few examples of what your premium could look like:

  1. The Chen family has two young children, ages two and three. They choose the Hospital & Surgery ESSENTIAL plan with the Outpatient EXTENSIVE add-on. Their annual premium is SGD7,402.

  2. The Smith family has a one-year-old. They choose a Hospital & Surgery ESSENTIAL plan with the Outpatient EXTENSIVE add-on. In addition, they select the 20% Co-Insurance option. Their annual premium is SGD3,390.

To learn more about MyHEALTH Singapore, check out the full benefits schedule, or request a personalised quote today.