• published on 8/4/2021
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Budget-Friendly Expat Health Insurance for Mothers-to-Be in Singapore

Are you an expat in Singapore planning to start a family soon? At this exciting time in your life, there are so many things to think about and prepare for. One important step when welcoming a new baby is ensuring you have adequate healthcare coverage.

Budget-Friendly Expat Health Insurance for Mothers-to-Be in Singapore

In Singapore, public hospitals like KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital are some of the top choices for maternity care. Some expectant mothers prefer not to purchase maternity health insurance, due to waiting periods or a limited budget, opting instead to pay the hospital fees themselves. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to estimate these costs beforehand.

An epidural, C-section, or preterm birth can end up dramatically affecting your healthcare bill. When going through childbirth, the last thing you’d want to worry about would be unforeseen healthcare costs. Luckily, even if a maternity insurance package isn’t right for you, there are other options you can choose to stay covered.

For expat mothers-to-be in Singapore, we recommend the MyHEALTH Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE plan. This option can offer you peace of mind, while fitting your needs and budget.

Singapore Health Insurance for Foreigners: Protect Your Newborn from Day One

With MyHEALTH Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE, you’ll be covered in case of hospitalisation or major illness. Your baby will be protected, too.

Neonatal disabilities, congenital conditions, and hereditary conditions are covered from day one, without underwriting (provided the parent has been insured for at least one year prior). Pregnancy complications are covered as well: as long as you purchase your policy before becoming pregnant, there is no waiting period.

One common type of ‘neonatal disability’ is preterm birth. Unfortunately, around 1 in 10 babies are born preterm each year and NICU costs can add up quickly in Singapore. For example, inpatient room charges for children at KK Hospital range from $36 SGD to SG$545 per day. At Mount Elizabeth hospitals, charges range from SG$278 to SG$748/SG$758. MyHEALTH will cover these costs so you can focus on caring for yourself and your baby.

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Comprehensive Health Insurance Cover, Even If You Have a Company Plan

Many expats living and working in Singapore are already covered by employer-provided health insurance. However, these plans often don’t include maternity cover.

By Buying MyHEALTH Hospital & Survery EXTENSIVE, you will be covered from the first dollar spent for these expenses.

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Affordable Expat Health Insurance for Young Mothers

To save even more, you can choose our ‘Specified Inpatient Providers’ (SIP) option. With this option, you’ll get a 15% discount on your Hospital & Surgery premium. You’ll be fully covered at a selection of Singapore’s top maternity hospitals, including KK Hospital, Mount Alvernia, and Parkway East, among others.

So, in total, how much should you expect to pay for expat health insurance in Singapore? Here’s an example to help you visualise what your premium might look like:

  1. Laura is a 31-year-old British expat who chooses a Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE plan with the SIP option. Her annual premium is SG$2,346.

  2. 15 months later, Laura gives birth to baby Finn and adds him to her cover. Their total annual premium is now SG$3,748.

To learn more about MyHEALTH Singapore and the Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE package, check out the full benefits schedule, or request a personalised quote today.