• published on 7/20/2021
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Budget-Friendly, Global Health Insurance for Expats in Thailand

Whether you've come to Thailand for work, leisure, or to start a business, you may be looking for comprehensive health insurance for expats. It can be tough to find a plan that's as globally-minded as you are, offers the coverage you need, and still fits within your budget.

Budget-Friendly, Global Health Insurance for Expats in Thailand

Do you frequently travel between Thailand and your home country, or to other countries in the region? It may seem impossible to find a health insurance plan that will cover you in all those places, while still offering the benefits you need in Thailand. Fortunately, at APRIL International, we offer plans that are specifically designed for expats like you. We recommend the MyHEALTH Thailand plan, with Hospital & Surgery ESSENTIAL (THB 16 million) and Dental EXTENSIVE options, for young professionals and business owners in Thailand. Here’s why:

Foreigners in Thailand: Get Coverage That Meets Your Needs

Do you use motorbikes to get around? Whether you’ve rented your own motorbike or frequently use motorbike taxis, this form of transportation is a convenient, easy way to travel in Thailand. But what if you were to have an accident?

With the Hospital & Surgery ESSENTIAL (THB 16 million) option, you’ll be fully covered up to 16 million Thai Baht in case of hospitalisation or serious illness. You’ll also be covered for emergency assistance, evacuation, and repatriation wherever you are in the world, so you don’t have to worry if you need to go home for treatment.

If you want to add other benefits to your package, you can mix and match to find a combination that’s right for you. APRIL International is the only provider in Thailand to offer dental benefits without the need to buy an outpatient package—so why not get affordable dental checkups and treatment with the Dental EXTENSIVE option?

Even without adding outpatient benefits to your policy, you’ll still be able to speak to a doctor. Our teleconsultation service is an easy-to-use digital solution that makes healthcare accessible anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

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Comprehensive Health Insurance for Thailand and Beyond

With three different options for geographic coverage, you can easily choose one that fits your situation. You can opt to be covered “worldwide”, “worldwide excluding the USA”, or in “Europe and ASEAN excluding Singapore”. This last option is a great choice for European expats on a budget, since it will cover you in Thailand’s neighbouring countries as well as in your home country.

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Expat Health Insurance in Thailand: Examples

So how much should you expect to pay for expat health insurance in Thailand? Here are some examples to help you visualise what your premium might look like:

  1. Marie is a 32-year-old French expat who chooses Worldwide Excluding USA as her area of cover. Her annual premium is THB 41,751.

  2. Hannes is a 28-year-old German expat who chooses Europe and ASEAN Excluding Singapore as his area of cover. His annual premium is THB 32,257.

To learn more about the cost of MyHEALTH Thailand and the Hospital & Surgery ESSENTIAL and Dental EXTENSIVE options, request your personalised quote today. You can also check out the brochure and full benefits schedule for further details.