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International health insurance designed to cover what really matters

MyHEALTH gives you access to the greatest flexibility on the market without ever sacrificing quality and affordability.

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Why choose MyHEALTH Thailand?

MyHEALTH offers unrivalled benefit flexibility in Thailand.

Personalise your plan to suit your healthcare needs and budget. Each family member can be individually customised.

Foreigners, Thai nationals, and permanent residents are all eligible for MyHEALTH Thailand.

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We make access to quality healthcare easy for you

  • Thailand-based, multilingual customer support
  • 24/7, unlimited TeleHEALTH and Second Medical Opinion services
  • Cashless access to hospital worldwide and to 4,500 medical facilities in Asia
  • Worldwide travel and medical assistance
  • 100% digital claims submission

Mix and match modules to build your ideal coverage in Thailand

All monetary sums are in THB






Hospital and Surgery
Annual limit per person per period of insurance
- Comprehensive cover for your inpatient expenses wherever you are in the world
- Standard private room
- Outpatient surgery and cancer treatments fully covered
6 levels of deductibles available: Nil, ฿16,375, ฿32,750, ฿81,875, ฿163,750, ฿327,500

Not available

฿3,275,000 or ฿16,375,000



Outpatient (optional)





Maternity (optional)

Not Available

฿153,750 per pregnancy

฿327,500 per pregnancy

฿491,250 per pregancy

Dental & Optical (optional)

Not available




24/7 Evacuation, repatriation and assistance services

Covered up to ฿32,752,000

Covered up to ฿32,752,000

Covered up to ฿32,752,000

Covered up to ฿32,752,000

Reduce your premium by choosing your level of reimbursement

Co-insurance only applies to expenses covered under your Outpatient module, and is waived when using providers within our Panel Network. Let’s see how your 20% co-insurance would work on a THB2000 consult.

  • Outside Panel
    • THB 400.00
    • THB 1,600.00
  • Within Panel
    • THB 0.00
    • THB 2,000.00
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Covered by APRIL

Why choose APRIL International?

Our main objective at APRIL is to provide a better healthcare experience.

We are more than an insurance provider – we want to ensure you have the support you need as you engage with the healthcare system. Because we want insurance to be simple, we provide the most advanced digital tools to manage your health and your insurance policy.

Everything you need to know about MyHEALTH Thailand

How do I create my plan?

At APRIL, we believe you shouldn’t be forced to pay for things you don’t need. With MyHEALTH Thailand, you may easily customise your coverage to meet your budgetary and medical needs.

The Hospital and Surgery modules will be the starting point of your plan. You may then add optional Outpatient, Maternity, and Dental/Optical modules. There are 3 levels of cover to choose from for each module: Essential, Extensive, and Elite.

You may also personalise your plan by selecting your area of coverage and discount options. Under MyHEALTH Thailand, each family member may have a unique heath plan. Emergency assistance and repatriation are bundled with all plans.

Where am I covered with MyHEALTH Thailand

MyHEALTH Thailand allows you to select a specific area of coverage: Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA, or Europe and ASEAN excluding Singapore. You will have the exact same level of coverage and benefits whether you are in Thailand or travelling within your area of cover. However for the first 30 days of travel outside your area of cover, we will cover the costs of sudden illness or injury up to the limit of the out of area cover benefit.

APRIL offers portability options so you can take your policy with you if you relocate to most countries worldwide.

Can I use MyHEALTH Thailand as a top-up?

Definitly. MyHEALTH Thailand can be purchased if you already benefit from a local or company-provided health insurance plan that does not meet your needs.

You may opt for a Hospital & Surgery plan with a deductible (that will be paid for by your local plan), as well as optional benefits such as Outpatient or Dental/Optical.

What does this mean for you? Your local/company health plan will pay for your hospitalisation expenses up to its limits. APRIL will then pay for the remaining treatment costs (up to your annual limit as well).

According to the modules you choose, MyHEALTH Thailand can also cover any benefits that are not provided by your local or company health plan.

Which underwriting methods are available with MyHEALTH Thailand?

We offer 2 underwriting methods under MyHEALTH Thailand: FMU and CPME.

-FMU (Full Medical Underwriting): you will have to complete a medical questionnaire when applying. Our underwriting team will then make an offer to you based on your health declaration.

-CPME (Continuous Personal Medical Exclusions) allows you to continue your cover under the same terms as your former medical insurance provider without additional medical underwriting. Your previous insurance provider must be part of our approved list in order to be eligible for CPME.

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