• published on 6/23/2021
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Best Hong Kong Health Insurance for Young Expat Families

From housing to work opportunities, there are many important factors to consider when setting up your life abroad. Especially if you have a young family, you'll want to feel comfortable, safe, and “at home” in your new country, and a big part of this is choosing the right health insurance.

Best Hong Kong Health Insurance for Young Expat Families

With so many expat insurance options out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. At APRIL International, we have extensive experience serving expatriates and local citizens in Hong Kong. To meet the needs of your young family, we recommend our best-selling health insurance package: a combination of Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE and Outpatient EXTENSIVE under the MyHEALTH Hong Kong plan.

So what makes this health insurance plan the best choice for young families? Read on to learn more about MyHEALTH Hong Kong, and why this combination package might be the right fit for your needs.

Great Inpatient Coverage for Young Parents and Their Children in Hong Kong

Will you be welcoming a new baby sometime soon? Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE under the MyHEALTH Hong Kong plan could be a great choice for you. Even without a maternity add-on, which can sometimes be costly, you will be covered if any complications arise during your pregnancy. Your baby will also be covered by the plan from the moment of birth.

Complications in pregnancy are fully covered by Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE . Once the baby is born, you'll be able to easily add him or her to your plan without underwriting (the parent must be covered for at least one year). Your baby will then be covered for congenital and hereditary conditions, neonatal disabilities, or pre-term birth with no waiting period. This is an important criterion to look for, as some insurers will require your baby to go through this underwriting process at birth, which means these conditions would likely be excluded. A comprehensive health insurance package will give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what's important - the excitement of being a new parent!

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Families Residing in Hong Kong: Count on Comprehensive Outpatient Cover

Of course, you'll also want generous outpatient coverage for regular healthcare checkups, which are so important as your children grow older. For those, the Outpatient EXTENSIVE add-on has you covered.

The adults in your family will be covered with no waiting period for preventative health screenings, including pap smears, mammography, and prostate screenings. You'll also be covered for those crucial regular vaccinations, protecting you from illnesses like the flu, hepatitis, and more.

In addition, children are covered for all the health checkups and vaccines they will need, from the moment they are born onwards. This includes health screenings which may be required for school entry and other activities.

With no cap on outpatient expenses, the Outpatient EXTENSIVE package offers you the flexibility and freedom to choose your preferred medical provider and avail yourself of the healthcare services you need. And, since mental health is just as important as physical health, both you and your children will benefit from substantial outpatient cover for psychologists' fees as well.

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MyHEALTH Hong Kong: Insure Your Family with Competitive Pricing

Finally, the Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE and Outpatient EXTENSIVE combination provides a great balance of comprehensive coverage with value-for-money. Not only do we offer market-leading pricing, we also offer a family discount of up to 15%. The more family members are covered, the higher your discount will be.

If you're looking for a plan that's suitable for young families in Hong Kong and offers coverage for both hospitalization and routine visits, this combination package from APRIL International may be right for you. To learn more, check out the full benefits schedule for MyHEALTH Hong Kong, or request a personalized quote today.