Health Insurance in Sweden

Health Insurance in Sweden

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Sweden’s universal health coverage is available to its citizens and residents, but not free of charge. Patients must pay for the cost of healthcare services, though there is a cap placed on medical treatment with some exceptions.

The public healthcare system in this country is mainly funded by local and regional taxes, with grants also given by the central government.

Health insurance for expats in Sweden

The health insurance system in Sweden

Sweden operates a decentralised healthcare system. The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs are responsible for regulation, but administration is organised by the 21 different regions across the country.

Healthcare services included in public healthcare include, but are not limited to:

  • Outpatient treatment

  • Primary healthcare

  • Disability support

  • Emergency care

It is important to note that if you’re thinking of moving to Sweden, you must have evidence of a private health insurance plan when it comes to applying for a visa. You should do careful research before selecting a policy to make sure it suits your individual needs.

To access the public healthcare system, you must first be registered as a resident, which can be done with your local tax office (Skatteverket). Once you have registered, you will receive an ID card and personal identity number.

How much will I pay?

Patients in Sweden are required to pay for the costs of their medical treatment, which is decided at a local level and differs between the regions.

However, these costs are capped at 1,150 Swedish Krona annually. Prescriptions are also capped at 2,300 krona per year.

Once you have reached this price cap, the cost of other healthcare services is subsidised by the government for the remainder of that year. Some services do not count towards the price cap, including the cost for missed appointments, dental services, and vaccinations.

How to choose health insurance in Sweden: local or international?

When living in Sweden, you may wish to choose a local insurance plan. This can be used to get faster access to services like elective treatments, and is often provided for by employers. In private hospitals, medical care provided is mainly primary care.

An alternative is to purchase an international health insurance plan. This is designed to provide you with access to high quality medical treatment when you’re living, working, or studying abroad. It can give you reassurance that you and your family members’ medical needs are protected.

Care in Sweden

Choosing hospitals in Sweden

There is a large network of hospitals to choose from in Sweden, consisting of public community hospitals, private hospitals, and university hospitals.

University hospitals mainly offer private highly specialised care, while acute-care hospitals provide a full range of emergency medical services. Additionally, university and regional hospitals are responsible for delivering outpatient specialist care, with patients allowed to decide which specialist they see.

Health facilities


Karolinska University Hospital

+46 81 2370000

Local call rates apply


Sahlgrenska University Hospital

+46 31 3421000

Local call rates apply


St. Göran's Hospital

+46 85 8701000

Local call rates apply

Emergency Numbers in Sweden

  • 112
    Medical emergencies
  • 112
    Fire department
  • 112

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