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Health Insurance in Iceland

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Iceland's healthcare system is mainly managed by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, with responsibility for healthcare provision shared between the public and private sectors.

Health insurance for expats in Iceland

How does the Icelandic healthcare system work?

Health care in Iceland is generally accessible through the Icelandic Health Insurance Fund. Users make contributions towards this, which is capped monthly.

The system is based on a universal care model, accessible to all residents. The country has a high standard of healthcare, making it an attractive destination for expatriates and travellers.

It should be noted that waiting times for certain specialist treatments may be long, particularly in the areas of elective surgery and certain diagnostic procedures. However, Iceland's healthcare system aims to provide quality care and meet the needs of the population.

In addition, Iceland also has a strong primary care system, with general practitioners and community health centres spread throughout the country. These establishments offer front-line services, including prevention, basic medical consultations, vaccinations and preventive healthcare.

Accessing healthcare services in Iceland

General practitioners

To access healthcare in Iceland, it is generally recommended that you first consult a general practitioner (GP), who can refer you to the appropriate specialists if necessary. GPs are present in community health centres throughout the country and offer first-line services such as consultations, prescriptions and medical advice.

Private clinics

These establishments can be a convenient option for routine consultations, dental care, health check-ups and other non-emergency medical services.


In the event of a medical emergency in Iceland, you can contact the local emergency number 112 for immediate assistance. Emergency services in Iceland are well developed and are available 24 hours a day to deal with urgent medical situations.

How to choose health insurance in Iceland: local or international?

When it comes to choosing health insurance in Iceland, you have two main options: local health insurance or international health insurance.

Local health insurance in Iceland can be taken out with Icelandic insurance companies. This offers cover specific to the Icelandic health system, which can be advantageous if you plan to receive mainly medical care in Iceland. They can also cover prescription drugs and hospitalisation costs.

On the other hand, international health insurance offers more extensive cover, not only in Iceland but also abroad. This can be particularly advantageous if you travel frequently or plan to visit other countries for specialist medical treatment.

International medical insurance can also offer additional services such as medical assistance in the event of an emergency and the possibility of consulting internationally renowned doctors and specialists. It is important to consider your specific health needs, personal circumstances and budget when choosing health insurance in Iceland.

How much does healthcare cost in Iceland?

The cost of healthcare in Iceland can vary depending on the type of treatment, the medical establishment and the insurance cover you have. It should be noted that Iceland has a high cost of living, which can also be reflected in medical costs.

In general, basic medical consultations in Iceland can cost between ISK 10,000 and ISK 20,000 (around €70 to €140). Fees for more specialised medical services or complex treatments may be higher.

Health insurance can help you cover medical expenses in Iceland. This can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and give you peace of mind in the event of an unexpected health problem.

Care in Iceland

Choosing hospitals in Iceland

Iceland has a total of 6 public hospitals, with the country divided into seven different healthcare districts.

Some of the main important hospitals in Iceland include the National University Hospital of Iceland in Reykjavik, Landspítali Regional Hospital, Reykjalundur Hospital in Hveragerði and Akureyri Hospital in the northern region of Iceland. These establishments offer a full range of medical services, including consultations, diagnosis, specialist treatment, surgery and emergency care.

Healthcare facilities


Landspitali University Hospital

+354 543 1000

Local call rates may apply


Akureyri Hospital

+354 463 0100

Local call rates may apply


The Healthcare Institution of South Iceland

+354 422 0750

Local call rates may apply

Emergency numbers in Iceland

  • 112
    Emergency telephone number