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Health Insurance in Greece

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The health system in Greece is based on a mixed model, combining elements of the national health system and private services. It aims to provide accessible health care to all citizens and residents of the country.

Health insurance for expats in Greece

How does the Greek healthcare system work?

All residents in Greece are required to have mandatory health insurance. This can be acquired through the National Social Security Organisation (IKA) for employees and the Public Health Organisation (EOPYY) for self-employed workers. Contributions are usually deducted from the insured person's income.

Once insured, each individual receives a personal health insurance card. This card must be presented during each medical visit, whether it's to a general practitioner, a specialist, or a hospital.

Access to primary care

General practitioners (GP) play an essential role in the Greek health system, providing primary care to citizens. These services include:

  • General consultations

  • Vaccinations

  • Preventative care

  • Referrals

Medical clinics

Greece has medical clinics known as 'poliklinika', where you can consult doctors specialised in various disciplines, such as dermatology, gynaecology, cardiology, paediatrics, etc. These clinics are typically equipped with basic diagnostic equipment and can provide outpatient services, including consultations and treatments.

Medications and pharmacies

Medications are generally available at pharmacies. Greek residents must pay a portion of the cost of medications, while those with mandatory health insurance may benefit from partial or full reimbursements, depending on the category of the medication.

How to choose health insurance in Greece: local or international?

When it comes to choosing health insurance in Greece, you have two options: local health insurance or international health insurance.

Local insurance offers basic coverage for primary and specialised health care. However, it's important to note that this coverage can be limited and there may be waiting times for certain treatments.

On the other hand, international health insurance can offer more extensive coverage and additional options, such as access to private hospitals and doctors, the ability to get treated abroad, 24/7 medical assistance, etc. This can be particularly beneficial if you travel frequently or if you wish to have more comprehensive coverage for your health needs.

How much does healthcare cost?

The costs of healthcare in Greece can vary depending on the type of treatment, the medical facility, and your insurance status. Here are some indicative figures to give you an idea of the average costs of care in Greece:

  • Basic medical consultation: Approximately 40 to 80 euros;

  • Hospitalisation: Hospitalisation fees can vary considerably depending on the duration of stay, the nature of the procedure, and the type of room. Costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros;

  • Prescription medications: The cost of prescribed drugs can vary. Some medications might be partially reimbursed by health insurance, while others might require a more significant financial contribution.

Care in Greece

Hospitals and specialised care

Public hospitals offer a full range of medical services. They are spread throughout the country and are generally accessible to all Greek residents and citizens, providing emergency care, specialised consultations, surgical procedures, and advanced medical treatments.

Greece's network of hospitals are divided into general and specialist hospitals. In some cases, a referral from a GP is needed to access specialist care or to be admitted to a hospital.

There are numerous specialist doctors in various fields of medicine, such as cardiology, dermatology and neurology. You can make an appointment directly with a specialist for consultation or be referred by your family doctor.

Healthcare Facilities


Evangelismós Hospital

+30 21 3204 1000

Local call rates may apply


Attikon Hospital

+30 21 0583 1000

Local call rates may apply


AHEPA Hospital

+30 231 330 3110

Local call rates may apply

Emergency numbers in Greece

  • 112
    General emergency: medical: police or fire
  • 100
  • 199
    Fire Department

For more information

National Organisation for Healthcare Services Provision (EOPYY)

The official website of the National Organisation for Healthcare Services Provision (EOPYY) in Greece provides information on healthcare facilities, doctors, pharmacies, and services covered by Greek health insurance. You can find a list of public hospitals, medical clinics, health centres, and other medical facilities in Greece.

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