Health Insurance in Ivory Coast

Health Insurance in Ivory Coast

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Like many sub-Saharan countries, Ivory Coast suffers from a lack of infrastructure, equipment and health professionals. To receive treatment travel to Abidjan, the capital, is often required, and sometimes even to a neighbouring country, unless you opt for repatriation to your home country. Those emergencies can only be covered if you have the appropriate international health insurance.

Health insurance for expats in Ivory Coast

The health insurance system in Ivory Coast

Since 1 October 2019, the country's universal health coverage system (CMU) covers all residents, provided they follow a specific care pathway:

  • First-line consultation at a referral medical centre, known as the 1st level, chosen at the time of registration: urban or rural health centres, dispensaries (or hospital if there are no 1st level structures in the locality)

  • Access to a 2nd level care structure (regional or general hospital) or 3rd level (university or specialised hospital centres), only on referral from another referring medical centre 

Only certain types of care can be provided outside this care pathway: gynaecological, paediatric, dental, or ophthalmological. 

As long as they comply with the care pathway and are provided by public or private establishments under agreement, the CMU will cover 70% of the cost of the care. Thus, a 30% co-payment remains payable by the insured. On the other hand, childbirth is fully covered, albeit partially in the private sector.

How to choose health insurance in Ivory Coast: local or international?

To meet their personal health expenses, nationals and foreign residents in Ivory Coast take out private insurance policies, which offer coverage of their co-payments and reimbursement―which are often partial and capped―of routine care or hospitalisation carried out in private-sector facilities without a contract with the public health system.

Unlike international health insurance, however, local offers do not cover medical transfers to better-equipped neighbouring countries (Morocco, Tunisia) or repatriation, which is often recommended in the event of complex or specialised care needs. Choosing a solution dedicated to expats can also give them access to telemedicine services, which are particularly useful for foreign residents in this country, as it is very poorly equipped in terms of both establishments and health professionals.

The cost of healthcare in Ivory Coast

Medical consultations and hospitalisation with "Ma Santé Internationale"

Examples of reimbursements with MyHealth International COMFORT in relation to the cost of care in Ivory Coast in the private sector*.

  • GP consultation
    • CFA 0.00
    • CFA 15,000.00
  • Specialist consultation
    • CFA 0.00
    • CFA 17,500.00
  • Natural delivery without complications
    • CFA 0.00
    • CFA 300,000.00
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • APRIL International

Care in Ivory Coast

Choosing hospitals

Ivory Coast has a network of public university hospitals and private polyclinics, mainly based in Abidjan, the best-equipped city in the country. San Pedro, Yamoussoukro and Daloa also have university hospitals, but the rest of the country suffers from a severe lack of equipment and professionals. 

The capital also has specialised health centres, such as the Heart Institute at the Treichville University Hospital and the Bingerville Psychiatric Hospital.

> Good to know: The yellow-fever vaccine is compulsory to travel or live in Ivory Coast. The vaccination certificate is required on arrival in the country, so it is advisable to be vaccinated before travelling.

Health facilities


Polyclinic Farah

+225 27 21 2 60093

Local call rates apply


Sainte Anne-Marie International Polyclinic

+225 27 22 4 83131

Local call rates apply


Polyclinic GMP

+225 27 20 2 03838

Local call rates apply

Emergency numbers in Ivory Coast

  • 111 OR 170
  • 180
    Fire department
  • 185

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