• published on 9/21/2023
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Member stories: Ajay, owns businesses in multiple locations

Ajay is an entrepreneur based in Europe & Asia. He looks after his family business which has interests in everything from retail to real estate, and was established by his father almost five decades ago and is now a global player.

Ajay, owns businesses in multiple locations

"It’s peace of mind that you have cover anywhere in the world."

Ajay’s company often works with high profile celebrities and has been appointed to support several royal weddings. He has spent his life delivering only the very best to his customers, so his expectations for an exceptional service are high.

The benefits of having an international healthcare plan

Ajay and his family have been members of APRIL International for more than 30 years: “you must be doing something right because we haven’t changed since.”

His business has premises internationally in Europe and Asia, meaning Ajay regularly has to travel for work. That’s why he chose an international plan to cover his needs. “Local cover just doesn’t make a lot of sense – we live in such a small world nowadays. You could take day trips, and we have also lived in different countries. So, it made most sense to take out an international plan more than a local one.”

He explains that it is a worry that “you could get hurt anywhere in the world at any time.” With cover abroad, Ajay knew he would be protected in the event of becoming ill, “it’s peace of mind that you have cover anywhere in the world.”

Making processes straightforward

The team at APRIL International provide 1-2-1 communications to deliver a personalised experience that supports customers when they need it most. “The whole process is very simple. I have had to make lots of claims, unfortunately, and the experience has been second to none, to the point where I am your biggest fan. Anne-Marie and Tom have become confidantes in our journey and they really go above and beyond,” Ajay explains.

Ajay has found all these interactions to be both straightforward and efficient across the customer journey. “Everything from the response time, the reporting, and the claims process to the refunds or dealing with the hospital directly – everything is first rate and I cannot fault anything.”

Getting quick access to the right treatment when it’s required is imperative. Ajay notes that the support with understanding the complexities of the hospital systems has been particularly useful, “to have a partner in our insurance company help navigate that has been priceless.”

Supporting our members around the globe

IPMI is particularly beneficial for globally mobile individuals such as Ajay. When overseas, Ajay can make use of the portable benefits we provide, allowing him to receive medical treatment within his area of cover.

He reflected on a time when he used these benefits unexpectedly, “six years ago, we were in Switzerland and we had a complex situation that was thrown upon us and APRIL came to our rescue.”

It is important for him to know someone is there for him in challenging circumstances: “when you’re alone in that scenario overseas and you’re not with the comforts of your home or your family, it’s reassuring to have somebody help us throughout that time.”

Giving you peace of mind

One of the main priorities for Ajay with IPMI is peace of mind: “knowing that there’s someone there for you is helpful. When you’re in an emergency situation, you have to just think, ‘now, what do I do with all of this?’ I think it’s also what makes the policy unique to a certain extent – I don’t have to worry about what we are going to do because the team are always around to help.”

International health insurance can provide many health and wellbeing benefits to members, including quick access to specialist consultations, cancer care, mental health support and health assessments.

Ajay is happy with the support provided by APRIL International over the years. He commented that “from a customer perspective, it’s very much appreciated.”

The advantages of virtual care

APRIL International members have access to remote GP consultations 24/7 in more than 180 countries. This service is particularly helpful for customers in remote locations, with most concerns resolved without a need for a further physical examination.

Our members with more complex or prolonged illnesses can also seek a second medical opinion from the world’s leading medical experts.

Speaking about this service, Ajay said, “that’s a very cool service. I hate going to doctors. So very simply, to have that facility where you can just call a GP and don’t have to make appointments and you get someone to call you back in three hours, I think it’s super helpful.”

Would you recommend APRIL International?

Responding to if he would recommend APRIL International, Ajay said, “I recommend you to everybody, anybody who will listen.”

He continued: “Do I have any challenges or issues? No! Have I had any unfair pushback? No! Have I had any challenges in the last however many years? None whatsoever! So, to me, it’s worth paying.”

“The experience has been second to none, to the point where I am your biggest fan."

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