• published on 5/3/2023
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Benefits of International Health Insurance

If you’re planning to move abroad, there are many things to consider, from where you’re going to live, to possibly learning a language or finding a new job.

Benefits of International Health Insurance

If you’re planning to move abroad, there are many things to consider, from where you’re going to live, to possibly learning a new language or finding a new job.

International private medical insurance (IPMI) can help put you at ease about your health while living overseas. Some countries may not even allow you to enter unless you have adequate insurance cover in place.

Let’s take a look at international private medical insurance and some of its benefits for those living or working abroad.

What is international private medical insurance?

This type of insurance is designed to cover your medical costs whilst you’re living, studying or working abroad. It can give you fast access to diagnostics and eligible medical treatment, as well as peace of mind that you and your loved ones’ health is protected while you are living in a different country.

Private health insurance providers can offer you wide-ranging cover, which can incorporate medical evacuation, cancer treatment and outpatient specialist consultations to name only a few benefits.

Benefits of international private medical insurance

It may be a pre-requisite

In some cases, you will need to have medical cover to enter a country. It may also be required when applying for a visa in certain locations.

Research the entry requirements of the country you’re moving to, as it is essential you complete all the necessary preparation in advance of your relocation.

You must also make sure that the insurance provider you choose meets the regulatory requirements of the country you wish to move to.

Plenty of choice

With some insurance plans, you can be attended to by a doctor of your choice. There is also the option of shorter-term plans if you are going away for a fixed period. Or if you are moving permanently, you could opt for long-term cover.

Additionally, you might be able to travel to your home country for medical help if this is what you want. In some cases, you could make the decision as to which hospital you stay in for your treatment.

Protects you from financial loss

If you are not covered by an international private health insurance plan when you are overseas, the cost of private medical treatment may come as a shock. For instance: in the UK a knee replacement can cost anywhere between £11,400/$13,100/€13,200 and £16,000/$20,000/€18,600.

In Singapore, the cost of private medical treatment is also high. You can pay £16,500/$19,000/€16,630 or more for the same treatment.

In Turkey, where healthcare is generally more affordable, you’re likely to pay around £9,563/$11,000/€11,086 for a knee replacement surgery.

International health insurance can be especially helpful if you need to be taken to a different location for treatment. You could face large costs if you’re uninsured, which could mean a delay in receiving the medical help you need.

Fast access to diagnostics and eligible treatment

Another benefit of international private health insurance is that you can get speedy access to treatment when you need it most. Many public healthcare systems are under heavy strain, with waiting times increasing across the globe. [1] Figures from October 2022 show that a staggering 2.91 million people were waiting more than 18 weeks to receive treatment from the National Health Services in the UK alone. [2]

When you seek private medical treatment, waiting times are usually much shorter than that of public healthcare systems.

Common exclusions

There are some things that may not be covered, including:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

  • Cosmetic treatments

  • Alternative medicine

  • Assistance with reproductive treatments

It is important to do detailed research before you choose your insurance provider to find what cover is best for you and your personal circumstances.