• published on 3/21/2022
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Getting the right insurance for expatriation to Canada

With nearly 500,000 places open to immigrants per year until 2025 to meet Canada's labour needs, it's a great time to try your luck in the Great White North! But beware, to settle in Canada, having a good expat insurance package is essential. If you are tempted by the adventure, follow our advice...

Getting the right insurance for expatriation to Canada

How does the Canadian healthcare system work?

Often cited as a model among global health systems, Canadian healthcare is particularly advantageous. Under the Canada Health Act, the protection may vary from province to province and include some slight differences. In general, it allows for free consultations with doctors and hospitals as well as full reimbursement of "necessary" drugs.

Thanks to an agreement between France and Canada, French people can benefit from the Canadian system as a student, temporary worker, post-doctoral fellow, or seconded worker. It is worth researching if your home country has an agreement with Canada or not.

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Do you need health insurance or not?

For Canadian citizens as well as for foreign residents, however, ophthalmological and dental care are not reimbursed! And for a simple procedure such as dental scaling, the bill can easily reach $200! In order not to drain their savings, most Canadians take out private insurance, either through their job or individually.

As an expatriate, you will have to go through the same process. Moreover, if you are not a student or a seconded worker and you are going on a Working Holiday Programme, you will not be eligible for the Canadian healthcare system. Without insurance, any care would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

Expatriate insurance: good or bad?

In order to benefit from effective health cover, it is therefore advisable for all expats to take out complementary health insurance. Expatriate insurance is particularly recommended.

A complementary healthcare package will allow you to benefit from complete protection, offering a smooth transition between France and your new home across the pond.  Since this type of insurance provides a degree of protection comparable to the French Social Security system, while adapting to Canadian specificities, you won't have to worry about your health expenses.

APRIL International: expat insurance for worry-free travel!

Thanks to APRIL International, you can benefit from expatriate health insurance you can truly count on. Whether you are going to Canada for your job or as part of a Working Holiday Programme, you can take advantage of reimbursements adapted to your needs, whatever they may be: cover for hospitalisation costs, glasses reimbursed up to a certain amount, extended reimbursements for consultations... Everything you need to leave with peace of mind!