• published on 11/22/2022
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Expat Communication Survey 2023 - "The impact of expatriation on daily life"

In 2023, international mobility meets the increasingly personal aspirations of expatriates to live a fulfilling family and cultural experience. Expat Communication analyzed the responses of expatriates to shed light on the different faces of expatriation around the world.

Survey methodology

More than 3200 expatriates participated in the third survey of the 2023 Expat Communication Barometer, The theme: the impact of expatriation on daily life of employees and their spouses

Main topics

The third survey of the Expat Communication Barometer 2023, in partnership with APRIL International, first looks at the morale of expatriates, then it analyzes the personal and family impact of international mobility: How has expatriates’ purchasing power evolved in the current context of inflation? How is their access to healthcare? And finally, the barometer team asked the expatriates for their personal assessment. Does expatriation lead to an imbalance in a couple’s mental workload? What impact does expatriation have on children? Is the experience by and large positive?

Check out our infographic below to discover the results:

The impact of expatriation on daily life in 2023

infographic: the impact of expatriation on daily life in 2023

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