• published on 12/7/2021
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Affordable Health Insurance in Hong Kong

Health insurance is one of the most important purchases you can make. When it comes to protecting your own health or that of your family, you’ll want to ensure you’re fully covered in the event of an emergency. But it can be difficult to find a Hong Kong health insurance plan that fits your needs, whilst remaining within your budget.

Affordable Health Insurance in Hong Kong

If you’re looking for essential care at prices you can afford, MyHEALTH Hong Kong's Hospital & Surgery option may be the right choice for you. This plan is designed for Hong Kong residents (both expats and local nationals) who need coverage for serious illnesses and emergency medical care. With the Hospital & Surgery package, you’ll be covered for long-term hospitalisation and major diseases such as cancer.

How our Hong Kong health insurance can fit your budget

Our MyHEALTH Hong Kong plans come with a variety of coverage options and can be customised to fit your preferences. We offer several discount opportunities to make your Hong Kong health insurance even more affordable:

Double occupancy rooms

With the Double Occupancy Room option, in the event of being hospitalised you’ll share a room with someone else, while still benefiting from the same level of care. By selecting this option, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on your Hospital & Surgery premium.

Specified Inpatient Providers (SIP)

If you choose the Specified Inpatient Providers (SIP) option, you’ll be able to receive hospital care at a selected list of medical facilities in Hong Kong. The SIP list includes a number of major Hong Kong hospitals, such as Gleneagles Hospital and Canossa Hospital. Adding the SIP option offers a 20% discount on your Hospital & Surgery premium.


For additional savings, you can also add a deductible to your MyHEALTH Hong Kong plan. You can choose from four different levels of deductibles, ranging from US$1,500 to US$10,000. The higher the deductible you choose, the higher the discount on your premium will be.

If you decide to opt for a deductible, you will have to pay for your medical treatment up to the specified deductible amount, while APRIL International will cover the remainder. However, APRIL will still be able to issue letters of guarantee to the hospital to ensure you don’t have to pay large amounts of money out of pocket.

The benefits of Hospital & Surgery Health Insurance in Hong Kong

The Hospital & Surgery package will cover you for emergency medical treatment, major illnesses, and hospital care—but that’s not all. Even without purchasing an outpatient package, you’ll still have access to essential preventive healthcare screenings, like mammograms, pap smears, and prostate screenings. APRIL is the only Hong Kong insurance company that provides these screenings under a Hospital & Surgery package.

You’ll also have access to our free and unlimited TeleHEALTH service. Using APRIL’s Easy Claim app, you can get in touch with a healthcare provider at any time, 24/7. Just fill in a short form, and a doctor will phone you within three hours to discuss your issue. The service is available in a number of different languages, including English, Cantonese, Mandarin or French.

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How much should you expect to pay for Hong Kong health insurance?

So how much should you expect to pay for health insurance in Hong Kong? Here are a few examples:

  1. Maggie is a 31-year-old Hong Kong resident who chooses a Hospital & Surgery ESSENTIAL plan with a US$1,500 deductible. She also selects the Double Occupancy Room and SIP options. Her annual premium is US$1,271.

  2. Johanna and Niko are a Finnish expat couple. Niko is 41 years old, and Johanna is 38 years old. They choose a Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE plan with the Double Occupancy Room and SIP options. Their annual premium is US$3,276 for both.

To learn more about our MyHEALTH Hong Kong packages, check out the full benefits schedule or request a personalised quote today.