• published on 11/16/2021
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Health Insurance in Singapore: Do You Need Top-up Insurance?

If you’ve been offered a new job in Singapore that includes health insurance, you might wonder whether this insurance will be sufficient to cover all your needs. While health insurance is certainly an attractive employment benefit, a package with low limits can leave you vulnerable to unexpected costs.

Health Insurance in Singapore: Do You Need Top-up Insurance?

Many expats in Singapore rely on coverage provided by their employer, or by their spouse’s employer. However, these plans often have low limits and don’t fully cover treatment for major illnesses or injuries. Outpatient expenses (such as GP consultations, specialist consultations, physiotherapy, etc.) are also rarely fully covered.

Insurance for Foreigners in Singapore: Why You Need Comprehensive Coverage

To ensure your medical costs are taken care of, you may want to invest in what’s called ‘top-up health insurance’. Top-up health insurance is an additional plan that complements the coverage you already have.

With APRIL International’s MyHEALTH plans, you can get peace of mind knowing you’re covered for medical expenses up to SG$4 million. When you buy a Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE plan with deductibles, the deductibles will be covered by your employer-provided plan, and APRIL International will cover the rest.

Having comprehensive coverage is important, because medical care in Singapore can be extremely expensive. For example, at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, you can expect to pay anywhere from SG$33,904 to SG$37,613 for repair of a soft tissue shoulder injury with a one-day hospital stay. And at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, you can expect to pay from SG$30,275 to SG$35,213 for the same procedure.

In addition to hospital coverage, we also recommend adding the Outpatient EXTENSIVE module to your MyHEALTH plan. This way, you’ll be fully covered for outpatient consultations, with the freedom to choose your own medical providers. Our comprehensive wellness package also covers checkups, vaccinations, and preventative health screenings.

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Benefits of International Health Insurance in Singapore

Does your employer-provided insurance only cover you locally within Singapore? If so, a MyHEALTH plan offers even more benefits for you. The plan includes several options for worldwide coverage. This means you’ll be able to keep your insurance even if you lose your job, change employers, or relocate outside Singapore, without worrying about pre-existing conditions.

Unlike many local insurance companies, APRIL International is able to issue a Letter of Guarantee to save you from having to pay very high out-of-pocket expenses.

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MyHEALTH: A Budget-Friendly Option for Health Insurance in Singapore

MyHEALTH offers different deductible options, meaning the plan can fit a variety of budgets and situations. Choose between a SG$2000, SG$5000, or SG$10,000 deductible. The higher your deductible is, the lower your premium will be.

For even greater savings, you can choose an option called ‘Specified Inpatient Providers’ (SIP). You’ll be fully covered in a selection of hospitals in Singapore, including major private hospitals like Concord International Hospital and Farrer Park Hospital. By selecting this option, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on your Hospital & Surgery premium.

Besides being affordable, our plans can also save you time. You’ll benefit from free and unlimited access to our teleconsultation service. Just submit a request using our app, and a doctor will contact you by phone within three hours. You can speak to a doctor in English, Spanish, French, German, or a number of other languages.

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So how much should you plan to spend on expat health insurance in Singapore? Here are a few examples of what your premium could look like:

  1. Jennifer is a 29-year-old French expat who chooses a Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE plan with the Outpatient EXTENSIVE add-on. She has a SG$10,000 deductible. Her annual premium is SG$4,268.

  2. Henry is a 41-year-old British expat who also chooses a Hospital & Surgery EXTENSIVE plan with the Outpatient EXTENSIVE add-on and a SG$10,000 deductible. In addition, he selects the SIP option. His annual premium is SG$6,368.

To learn more about MyHEALTH Singapore, check out the full benefits schedule, or request a personalised quote today.