Health Insurance in Finland

Health Insurance in Finland

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Finland provides universal healthcare to its residents, which is managed by the wellbeing services countries (hyvinvointialue). It is primarily financed through patient fees and tax deductions.

Health insurance for expats in Finland

The health insurance system in Finland

In order to access the state system, expats must first complete a registration for residency. They will then need to register this with their municipality, the local administration in Finland who are responsible for organising public healthcare services across the country.

Once you have registered with the national healthcare system, you will be sent a Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) card. This shows you have the right to access the state healthcare, and must be presented when you wish to seek medical treatment. It can also allow you to receive reimbursements for medical costs when you’re visiting private medical facilities in some circumstances.

Finland’s healthcare system is divided between primary, secondary and tertiary care. Primary care is usually the initial contact for patients, such as a visit to your general practitioner. The latter focus on providing more specialist care, like when you have been referred by your GP.

How much does health insurance in Finland cost?

Some healthcare services in Finland that are free of charge for patients includes x-rays, maternity care and emergency care. However, most public healthcare services will require payment in many cases, though costs are kept at a fixed price.

Examples of costs you could experience for medical treatment in Finland include:

  • GP visits: approximately €20;

  • Specialist consultations: €42;

  • Dental care: €10-€15.[1]

While patients do have to pay for some types of medical treatment, this is capped at €762 a year for a lot of services. This incorporates costs such as outpatient clinics, some types of dental treatment and rehabilitative care. Click here for a list of services that are not counted towards this cap.

How to choose health insurance in Finland: local or international?

The two main options for expats living in Finland are a local insurance policy or an international health insurance plan. Having private health insurance cover is also necessary when applying for a visa and when you want to become a resident in Finland, and must meet certain criteria.

If you opt for an international medical insurance plan, you can get treatment at medical facilities globally as well as receive fast access to diagnostics and eligible treatment.

To find out more about what is covered with an expat health insurance plan, click here to read our blog.

Care in Finland

Choosing hospitals in Finland

When you visit a hospital, you will usually require a referral from your doctors, unless it is a case of emergency.

District hospitals are responsible for giving specialist medical care to patients, of which there are 20 found in the country. For the most specialised care, patients will receive treatment from a university hospital, which are situated across Finland as well.

Health facilities


Meilahti Tower Hospital

+358 94 711

Local rates may apply


Espoo Hospital

+358 9471 59439

Local rates may apply


Turku University Hospital

+358 2313 0000

Local rates may apply

Emergency numbers in Finland

  • 112
    Emergency telephone number

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