Health Insurance in Algeria

Health Insurance in Algeria

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For several years, Algerian public hospitals have been suffering from a structural deficit in equipment and personnel. This reality prompts many insured persons to opt for the private health sector, whose (sometimes) very high fees are not covered by the country's social security system.

Health insurance for expats in Algeria

The health insurance system in Algeria

Algeria's public health system allows its resident population to access the main health care services:

  • Consultation with a general practitioner or specialist

  • Hospitalisation

  • Dental care and prostheses

  • Lab tests

Except in the case of chronic diseases, for which full reimbursement is provided, services are reimbursed at 80% of the Algerian Social Security rate (excluding extra fees). However, the insured must pay upfront, unless the doctor or health establishment has signed an agreement offering third-party payment.

For pharmaceutical products, the Chifa social security card allows the insured person and their dependants to benefit from third-party payment for any prescription, as long as the amount is equal to or less than DZN 3,000 (€19), or for the first two prescriptions within a period of three months. Other prescriptions must be paid for upfront, and the insured person must then submit an insurance claim.

Note: working-age adults (i.e., excluding pensioners, unemployment insurance beneficiaries, students and beneficiaries who are not working) are eligible for reimbursement provided they have worked for at least 15 days (or 100 hours) during the previous calendar quarter, or at least 60 days (400 hours) during the 12 months preceding the date of treatment.

How to choose health insurance in Algeria: local or international?

While public health establishments apply the reimbursement rates of the Algerian Social Security, the vast majority of private doctors and hospitals charge fees that are sometimes extremely high in relation to the average income level of the country.

These extra fees are added to the co-payment that insured persons have to pay, unless they have complementary health insurance.

Some Algerian employers offer local health insurance to their employees, but the contracts generally only cover care provided in the country and limit coverage to certain establishments within their network. 

International health insurance, on the other hand, offers expatriates in Algeria the possibility of choosing coverage that is adapted to their immigration status, and in particular coverage in their country of origin or other countries.

The cost of healthcare in Algeria

Examples of reimbursements with MyHealth International COMFORT in relation to the cost of care in Algeria in the private sector*.

  • GP consultation
    • DZD 0.00
    • DZD 1,500.00
  • Specialist consultation
    • DZD 0.00
    • DZD 2,000.00
  • Dental scaling
    • DZD 0.00
    • DZD 4,000.00
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • APRIL International

Care in Algeria

Choosing hospitals

The Algerian health system suffers from a lack of general practitioners and specialists, particularly in its public hospitals, which over the years have lost many health professionals to the private sector. Aware of these difficulties, the country has launched several hospital-reform programmes, the most recent of which dates to 2021.

With many of the best medical practitioners leaving the public system, private medical practices and hospitals are flourishing in the country. However, their geographical distribution remains uneven across the country, with central and southern regions being the least well equipped.

Therefore, being able to afford the private sector and access medical facilities in the north of the country (or repatriate to your country of origin) are essential to benefit from quality healthcare.

Health facilities


Mustapha Pacha Hospital

+213 21 23 55 55

Local call rates apply

University Hospital of Oran

+213 41 70 50 92

Local call rates apply

Emergency numbers in Algeria

  • 16
  • 115
    Medical assistance by phone
  • 17
    Police & Emergency services

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