We’ve expanded access to dental care in Singapore for our members
  • published on 3/2/2020
  • 3min

We’ve expanded access to dental care in Singapore for our members

APRIL International is happy to announce that we have added 2 new dental providers in Singapore to our Asia-wide general network of healthcare providers.

Expanding your access to top quality dental care

As part of our efforts to ensure our members have access to high quality medical care at sustainable prices, our team has reached agreements to add 2 new dental care providers to our network.

Royce Dental Surgery

Royce Dental Surgery joins our expanding network, offering 10 clinic locations throughout centrally locations in Singapore, with 2 more clinics on the way in March 2020. Royce offers a full suite of services, from routine dental procedures to specialist treatment.

Members who’s plans include eligible dental coverage can now take advantage of their top quality services at reasonable and customary costs when showing their APRIL membership card at reception. Like with all dental expenses, all you have to do is pay and claim via our Easy Claim app.

You can find a list of Royce Dental Surgery's locations here.

Dental Forté

Dental Forté offers a range of high quality dental services from their clinic that’s conveniently located near the Velocity Mall in Novena. Perfect for French expatriates or other Francophones living in Singapore, as they can offer both French and English language servicing.

Website: dentalforte.com.sg

Address: 101 Irrawaddy Road, #19-04/05 Royal Square at Novena, Singapore 329565

Dental cover as part of your health insurance

We offer coverage for dental plans as a modular option benefit in our international health insurance plans in Asia that can be added to your inpatient coverage. You can pick different levels of cover for this benefit to expand the treatments covered and the benefit limit as well.

To use your dental coverage, simply pay for the treatment and then submit your claim via our Easy Claim app, or by claim form, and you will be promptly reimbursed.

And all of our APRIL International members’ in Asia can rest easy knowing that emergency dental treatment to repair damage caused by an accident is covered within a reasonable amount of time.

Make sure your dental costs are covered

High quality dental care can be costly, especially if your family has children around the age where braces might be necessary. Learn more about our dental health insurance cover that plays a part of our MyHEALTH line of insurance products for individuals, families and businesses in Asia.