New additions to our Asian outpatient direct billing network in Bali
  • published on 5/15/2019
  • 3min

New additions to our Asian outpatient direct billing network in Bali

As part of our constant drive to offer more easily accessible direct billing options to our clients, we are happy to now be able to include Kasih Ibu Hospital Group as part of our network. The group’s inclusion in the network greatly increases your access to outpatient treatments with direct billing in Bali.

Helping you access top-quality healthcare in Indonesia

This latest expansion includes 4 hospitals and 2 clinics in different areas of the popular tourist destination of Bali, Indonesia, with each of the hospitals containing a polyclinic. Kasih Ibu’s participating medical facilities can provide you cash-free access to a wide variety of specialists and medical services including blood tests, medical check-ups and diagnostic scans.

Making outpatient services stress- and paperwork-free with direct billing

For our eligible members, direct billing can make receiving outpatient treatment and services as stress-free as possible. Not only can you avoid having to pay for costlier treatments or diagnostic tests such as MRIs or CAT scans, it also means you don’t have to deal with the additional paperwork of submitting claims later.

Simply show your APRIL International member’s card or the eCard available through our Easy Claim app to a medical provider participating in our network and they will bill us directly.

About Kasih Ibu Hospital Group

Kasih Ibu was the first private hospital to open in Bali, originally opening as a maternity hospital in Denpasar. Converted to a general hospital in 1991, the group has since expanded to 4 general hospitals. Each hospital is accredited by Indonesia’s national KARS scheme and hosts fully equipped laboratories and advanced diagnostic equipment that can carry out any medical tests on-site. Their original Denpasar hospital is scheduled for international accreditation in 2019.

While many of their specialists speak English, the Kasih Ibu Hospital Group also has an international division with English and Japanese speaking staff to help visitors and expats with outpatient booking, registration and more.

Asia-wide direct billing is available on all of APRIL International’s Asian offerings

Our Asian direct billing network is available on all of our international health insurance products in Asia, including MyHEALTH, an international health insurance plan designed for individuals and families, MyHEALTH Business which provides group health insurance cover designed for SMEs, and our YourHEALTH corporate health insurance solution. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our flexible health insurance and direct billing options today.