International Women's Day 2022: the women behind APRIL
  • published on 3/8/2022
  • 7min

International Women's Day 2022: the women behind APRIL

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and we took a moment to talk with the fantastic women behind APRIL International Care in Asia. We asked them what International Women’s Day means to them and which message they would like to send out to young women thinking about their careers.

Diane RICART, Regional Chief Operating Officer (Singapore)

“A big step forward has been made these past decades regarding gender equality. It is our responsibility to continue on this path and promote gender equality. This is what I do in both my personal and professional lives, as a parent, a family member, a friend and as COO.

At APRIL International, 65% of the team in Asia and 40% of directors are women. Behind the figures, we have reached a tipping point where the former glass ceiling of gender inequality is fortunately and definitely gone. It’s in APRIL’s DNA to recruit, pay and promote our people based on their competencies and merits regardless of their gender. We must be proud of that achievement. It is also our duty to remain vigilant and continue to constantly empower the next generation of managers and leaders.”

Usha NANTINI, Claims Manager (Singapore)

“We are witnessing many significant achievements and women creating history in today's world. We have proven that the quote “women belong in the kitchen” can be replaced by “women are now in SPACE”. As a woman, I couldn't be any prouder to be in this circle. I see IWD as a day to celebrate every woman who tries to make the world better and more diverse. Whether you are a homemaker or hustling career woman, raise your glass up and make a toast to everything you do.

Dear young women, the world is above and beyond everything you see now. Explore each opportunity as a way to learn, focus on your dreams, overcome hurdles and build your empire of financial freedom. Keep in mind that whatever you plant today, you can become a beautiful tree and a strong base for many in the future. Ask yourself as a woman what kind of changes you want to bring to the world. Your commitment will inspire more women to discover their own power to make the world more prosperous for women everywhere. The world needs more women to raise each other up, because the empowerment of women cannot be achieved without supporting one another. So, instead of treating women as inferior to anyone, start creating spaces where women can stand up and speak out.

Above all, I am grateful to all women before me who paved the way for me to be here, especially my mom. They stood up for women’s rights, confronted their fears, broke the boundaries, and refused to settle for less than they deserve. I wish all women a happy Women's Day and the utmost respect for men who treat women with equality.”

Titima NONPATIMAGUL, Human Resources Manager (Bangkok, Thailand)

“For me, International Women Day is significant evidence that women have earned their place in the workforce. It's a new dimension of the world today where women are equally as important. I'm a working woman and I'm proud to say that IWD is my day. It's the day that the world puts a highlight on working women, understands, respects, and gives honour to us!

I would like to remind all the ladies that we're free to do whatever we want. The existence of IWD proves that women can go beyond what they think by lifelong learning. With an open-minded attitude, you can try anything new, and you will be able to discover hidden talents inside you. I believe that the ability to start a new challenge is more important than success. Go, girls! You can do it!”

Sonia SABANOWSKI, Regional Head of Medical Network (Hong Kong)

“I would like to quote Michelle Obama, who is an inspiring woman: "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish". As a woman, we wear different hats: we are working, managing people, we are a spouse, a mum, a friend... And it's not always easy. But at the end of the day, we can be proud of what we have accomplished and thankful for the beautiful moments that we had. Taking this time of recognition is important so we can continue to grow and have the energy to do more and more things.”

Thanh NGUYEN, Sales Manager (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

“For me, International Women’s Day is about celebrating the achievements of women all around the world. I am surrounded by many perfect women and they inspire me a lot. I also learn a lot from these women: my mother, my friends, my colleagues... To all the young women thinking about their careers, I would say “YES, YOU CAN!” Just because you only live once. You can do anything although you are a woman, gender is not an obstacle. And because every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another, don’t forget to be a positive woman. Who knows, someday you might also become an inspiration for someone 😊.”

Maylene GUTABA, Sales Manager (Manila, Philippines)

“Women’s day is celebrated to appreciate the strength, capabilities and importance of women. This is to remind everyone that we too are able to love ourselves, we are able to provide for our family and we can share our big heart with those in need and now is high time for us to show the world that we are that and more. But if you’re worried that you’re not there yet, you worry about your future is still unclear, it’s all okay. It’s okay if you haven’t discovered what you want to do, what path to take. You just have to grab every opportunity there is until you find your passion. And if there’s no opportunity around you, you can create one for yourself. What important is that you do not stop dreaming and you do not stop working for it.”

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