APRIL International expands our direct billing network in Vietnam
  • published on 4/1/2019
  • 4min

APRIL International expands our direct billing network in Vietnam

APRIL International is proud to announce that Vietnam-based VINMEC’s international hospitals & clinics have joined our Asia-wide direct billing network. Their inclusion makes a substantial addition of medical facilities to our extensive direct billing network that our members can use when living, working or travelling in Vietnam.

Increasing direct billing capabilities across Vietnam

The latest expansion of our network includes over 10 new hospitals and clinics in Vietnam where our customers can take advantage of direct billing for their outpatient treatments. Vinmec’s participating medical facilities are spread throughout many major cities, including locations like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, and many more, ensuring you’ll have cash-free access to quality care wherever you are in the country.

Direct billing for outpatient treatment – convenient, stress- and claims-free

Being sick is nobody’s idea of fun, and when you or one of your loved ones needs to visit a GP or specialist, dealing with bureaucracy and paperwork is the last thing you want to do. Which is exactly why our outpatient direct billing network is such a benefit for our eligible members.

All you have to do is show your APRIL International member card, or your eCard on our handy Easy Claim app, to a medical provider within our direct billing network and we’ll take care of the rest. With no need to worry about sending in claims forms or waiting for reimbursement, you can put your mind at ease and focus on getting better.

About Vinmec Healthcare System

Vinmec, officially known as Vinmec Healthcare System, is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2012 that focuses on providing first-class healthcare services of an international standard. Their facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, staffed by highly-trained and talented medical professionals and guided by a patient-centric approach to healthcare.

Vinmec boasts 7 hospitals, 2 of which have received JCI accreditation, as well as a number of clinics and research institutes. They also plan to open 2 more hospitals by 2021.

Direct billing is available on all of APRIL International’s Asia-based plans

As an Asia-wide direct billing network, you can take advantage of direct billing on all of APRIL International’s plans in Asia, including our MyHEALTH plans for individuals and families, as well as our MyHEALTH Business plans and our other corporate offerings. Our plans are modular, allowing you to choose what level of coverage you need for different benefits.

You can find more information online about our MyHEALTH insurance plan in Vietnam here, our MyHealth Business Plans here, or contact us today for more information.