APRIL International launches Easy Pay Card: the first digital payment card for its globally-mobile policyholders
  • published on 10/23/2023
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APRIL International launches Easy Pay Card: the first digital payment card for its globally-mobile policyholders

6 months after a complete re-design of its e-commerce website to enhance and simplify the digital experience for its policyholders, APRIL International has taken a new step with the Easy Pay Card.

● An innovative direct billing payment solution that's unique in the market

● A simplified customer experience: no upfront payment needed

● A digital card that can be reloaded on request and used exclusively to pay for medical treatment and healthcare professionals

The Easy Pay Card is a new, innovative payment solution: it enables globally-mobile policyholders to pay for their medical treatment, wherever they might be, without incurring any personal costs. This innovation reflects the APRIL Group's commitment to provide a simplified customer experience with the help of digital technology, enabling it to further accelerate its international development.

It complements the existing range of solutions for covering healthcare expenses abroad:

  • an efficient pay & claim service with the Easy Claim app for routine treatment;

  • third-party payment agreements with hospitals worldwide.

After a 7-month trial with a panel of policyholders, APRIL International is launching the new payment solution from 23rd October 2023 first to policyholders from its French entity in Paris. The solution is then to be rolled out to policyholders of its other entities in the near future.

A simplified payment solution for medical care

With the Easy Pay Card, APRIL International is simplifying the process of accessing healthcare, which can be both complex and costly depending on the country of destination, by providing its expatriate customers with a digital payment card. This card can be used at all types of medical facilities to pay for medical care including, GP and specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, hospital scans (CT, MRI, PT), physiotherapists, dentists and opticians. The Easy Pay Card works anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

  1. I contact APRIL and explain my situation. APRIL issues a payment card instantly via email

  2. I upload my card to my digital Wallet

  3. I receive my medical treatment

  4. I pay directly with my Easy Pay card

Prior to receiving medical treatment, policyholders needs to contact APRIL International to get the card authorised and instantly loaded with the amount needed to carry out the treatment. The policyholder can then  receive the required treatment, pay with the card and send the receipt to APRIL International.

And in an emergency? If there is no direct billing payment arrangement with the hospital, APRIL International will issue a card to the policyholder as soon as it receives the estimated cost of treatment.

"APRIL International is continuing its transformation to become an international leader in insurance distribution and provide the best services to expatriates, anywhere in the world. The Easy Pay Card is another example of digital innovation that meets our policyholders' needs for simplicity and convenience." Isabelle Moins, CEO of APRIL International in Europe.

A flagship customer experience project for APRIL Group, the Easy Pay Card is based on a solution developed in partnership with manager.one (an online banking service for professionals).

"APRIL International is providing the IPMI market with a practical and simple solution for its policyholders. This product corresponds perfectly to what manager.one wants to provide: an impeccable and transparent user experience. We're excited to be working with APRIL International to help introduce this innovative solution to the market." Adrien Touati, co-founder of manager.one.

A unique 360° approach to facilitating access to healthcare

APRIL International offers its policyholders simplified payment solutions:

  • An efficient reimbursement service via the Easy Claim app by instant transfer for policyholders with a bank account in the SEPA zone;

  • Direct billing payment agreements for routine care in certain countries;

  • Direct billing payment agreements with hospitals around the world

  • To complement the existing solutions, APRIL International is now offering its policyholders the Easy Pay Card, so that they can benefit from a third-party payment in areas outside the healthcare network and for expensive routine care.

A simplified customer experience recognised in the market

APRIL International already offers services that make life easier for policyholders on the move via Easy Claim, the application that lets them manage their health insurance policy in just a few clicks (sending and tracking reimbursements, accessing teleconsultations, finding a healthcare provider anywhere in the world, preparing for hospitalisation, finding useful policy documents, contacting dedicated advisers, etc.). Easy Pay is internationally recognised in the health insurance market and has received several awards, notably in Asia: Insurance Asia Award 2020, Global Banking & Finance Review Awards 2020 and 2022).

An innovative direct billing payment solution unique in the market