• published on 4/27/2023
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How to stay healthy in Dubai

Contemplating over the ways to stay healthy during your stay in Dubai? Here are some tips on staying fit and healthy in Dubai.

How to stay healthy in Dubai

In a highly active and ever-changing emirate like Dubai, staying healthy can be a challenge while striving to maintain a healthy balance in your lifestyle. Here are some tips on how you and your family can adopt a healthy lifestyle in Dubai.

Take Advantage of Dubai’s Many Lifestyle Amenities

Dubai has plenty of amenities to cater to its residents’ physical and mental well-being. From sports clubs to events like water sports or sightseeing events, Dubai has a myriad of facilities and activities available and accessible for residents to enjoy. For instance, one such convenience is the availability of sports facilities like gyms and pools in residential areas and flats. Taking advantage of such amenities will most certainly aid in maintaining one’s health in Dubai.

Stay Active

Dubai offers a wealth of options when it comes to keeping fit and active. With numerous sports clubs and facilities available, it's highly recommended to utilise these resources to maintain your physical health. In addition, there has been a recent increase in the number of public parks, beaches, and other bespoke areas throughout the city. This means that residents now have more options than ever to keep their physical health in shape. From jogging in the park to swimming in the sea, there is no shortage of sporting and fitness facilities all around Dubai. Whether you prefer to work out close to home or participate in one of the many organised fitness events held in the city, you'll find plenty of convenient options to keep you in top shape.

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Dubai, surrounded by the desert and the Persian Gulf, is known for its extreme weather conditions. Dust, heat, and humidity remain the most common causes of health issues among the residents of Dubai. Be careful to avoid extreme weather conditions, such as monsoon season or the infamous dust devils, to protect yourself from harm and also to protect your health. Check the weather forecast daily and always go out prepared with the necessary accessories, such as an umbrella or a mask.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

With the ingrained culture of dining out and ordering takeout in Dubai, it is even more important to watch what you eat while living in Dubai. Portion sizes of food in Dubai are known to be big, and with the prevalence of long working hours and a sedentary lifestyle, this can negatively affect one’s health. This commonly gives rise to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cardiovascular diseases make up about one-third of the deaths in the UAE every year, with fatalities from diabetes on the rise. Thus, it is essential for people living in Dubai to watch what they eat. In particular, foods rich in vitamin D are recommended to strengthen your body's resilience against the harsh weather conditions, and it is also encouraged to monitor fluid intake to prevent heatstroke.

Remember to Cover Your Health While in Dubai

While it is compulsory for those working and living in Dubai to get health coverage, it is never a loss to cover yourself further with international health insurance, especially if you are someone who travels frequently. Though Dubai offers state-of-the-art healthcare, the costs are not known to be the most affordable, which is why it is even more important to cover yourself with the proper health insurance that meets your needs. Contact one of our advisors today to find out how you can have 100% of your health needs met through our fully customisable health insurance plans.