• published on 2/10/2023
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Four compelling reasons to relocate to Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s most connected and diverse cities. Here are four reasons why you should move to Dubai.

Four Reasons to Move to Dubai

Located along the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is one of the world’s most exotic, connected and diverse cities. Due to its strategic and favourable geographical location, it is used as a gateway to Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, making it a popular tourist destination and location for expats to reside in. This article discusses the top 4 reasons to move to Dubai.

Job opportunities

Due to its accessibility, Dubai remains one of the world’s top places for tourism. This also brings many benefits for the expat community in terms of work opportunities. Many major international corporations are stationed in Dubai, providing expats with many job opportunities in real estate, hospitality and retail. According to a report by LinkedIn in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, the country also ranks fifth in the world for total talent inflow.

Outstanding healthcare

Dubai boasts excellent standards of healthcare. There are many top-notch clinics and hospitals, with many practitioners speaking in both English and Arabic. Dubai also excels at maternity care and female healthcare, with female-only healthcare facilities set up for women to see female practitioners. While being an emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Dubai government is given full autonomy over the healthcare system in Dubai, providing its citizens with public and private healthcare that offers both inpatient and outpatient services. Anyone legally working and living in Dubai are entitled to the healthcare services offered in the country, as well as healthcare coverage in Dubai.

Large expat community

Possibly the top country for having one the largest expat communities in the world, Dubai’s population is largely made up of an estimated 85% of expats. This is due to its favourable geographical location as a gateway to many regions, causing tourism to boom and making it ideal for job opportunities in Dubai. The country also boasts one of the world’s top infrastructures, with advanced transport systems, booming real estate, superb healthcare facilities and educational institutions for children. Dubai is also well known for its vibrant social life, with many shopping malls, leisure activities, sports clubs, and international dining. All these factors make it a highly attractive place for expats to move to, and rightfully so.

A good environment for families

With world-class amenities and a diverse lifestyle, Dubai’s standard of living is always improving. Along with top infrastructure, a solid healthcare system and a large expat workforce, the economy in Dubai is one of the most stable in the world, giving expats assurance of a stable lifestyle for their families and themselves. Additionally, the country ranks as one of the top countries that are safest to live in, with a low crime rate of 15 points. There are strict laws, a well-crafted justice system and a reputable police force to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for residents. The city’s safe environment makes it ideal for families to raise their children.

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