• published on 5/4/2023
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How to Stay Active Living Abroad

Expats often lead busy lives, having to juggle busy work schedules with family life or other responsibilities, making it difficult to find time to exercise.

How to Stay Active Living Abroad

To help you keep fit, there are small changes you can make to your lifestyle that can help. This includes establishing a good workout regime, exercising in the morning, or finding a fitness buddy. Exercise comes in many forms, and can give you something fun to focus on during a hectic day.

Continue reading to find some useful tips for how you can stay active abroad.

Find a fitness buddy

Having someone to workout with can make fitness more enjoyable, and allows you to motivate each other. You also have plenty of choice in activities, giving you a variety of exercises to enjoy.

When you first move abroad, reach out to other expats, and see if any of them are into fitness. Working out with others can help you make friends and quickly settle into the new destination. Alternatively, you could join a local sports club or attend gym classes to experience group exercise.

You can learn a lot from fitness coaches in sporting environments, which can improve your techniques and support you in achieving your health goals. If you carry out strength training with a new friend, you can benefit from having someone spot you when using dangerous equipment, which can build trust.

Exercising with others can provide you with easy conversation and a break from your responsibilities. If your interests align away from fitness too, you have an opportunity to secure long-lasting friendships.

Exercise in the morning

Waking up early to complete your fitness routine gives you some time to yourself, and sets you up for a productive day. Exercise can help alleviate tiredness, leaving you feeling more energised at work.

Rising before most people also allows you to appreciate the world around you, as everything is generally quieter and more peaceful. Use this as a time of reflection and remind yourself of your fitness goals.

Exercising in the morning is the perfect solution for those who work long hours and don’t have the energy or time in the evening to workout. It can be particularly beneficial in the summer months too, as it can get too hot to exercise later in the day.

Maintain a routine

In the stress of moving, maintaining a fitness routine may not be your first priority. There are a lot of tasks to complete, from sorting out your accommodation to unpacking all of your belongings. However, merging exercise into your lifestyle can make the move less stressful.

Establishing an expat health routine can help you find a sense of normality in a time of great change such as moving abroad. If you’re struggling with the transition, exercise may give you something to focus on.

You could opt to walk to work instead of taking public transport, or play some sports whenever you have a bit of free time. Keeping fit is beneficial for your health, so making time for it is important.

Workout at home

If you are a hybrid or remote worker, it is easy to forget to add movement to your day. However, there are various ways you can incorporate exercise into your routine.

For instance, there are a multitude of online videos you could us to stay fit, allowing you to choose which difficulty level is right for you. You could opt to purchase exercise equipment for your workouts, though many household items work well too.

Remember to take safety precautions, however, such as dressing appropriately and warming up and down. You could then choose to do some tai chi or yoga, or a HIIT session with your favourite virtual instructor.

Exercising at home means you don’t waste time travelling to the gym, and aren’t distracted or intimidated by the people working out around you. The convenience is beneficial for many people, and is something that could be done on your lunchbreak to relieve you of the stress of work.

Go on long walks

If you have just started a new life abroad and are unfamiliar with the surroundings, then it is a great opportunity to explore your surroundings on foot.

Take your loved ones with you and create fun memories learning about everything the location has to offer. You could go further afield as well, taking in the scenery in the nearby countryside or travelling further into the city.

It’s important to do something that you enjoy when it comes to exercise, as it means there is a higher likelihood you will stick at it. For more tips on how to also stay healthy when living abroad, check out our blog.