• published on 3/13/2023
  • 4min

How to Manage Expat Burnout

Work and life stress can make you feel exhausted, often pushing you to achieve everything all at once and putting pressure on yourself to always perform at your highest.

How to Deal with Burnout

Table of contents

1. Book a trip away

2. Regularly exercise

3. Reiterate why you're on this journey

4. Set yourself achievable goals

5. Don't forget to relax

This exhaustion and feeling of being overwhelmed can result in burnout, where it becomes more difficult for people to focus on tasks and can leave them feeling irritable.

It is important to deal with burnout for your health and wellbeing. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can overcome burnout when moving overseas.

Book a trip away

One method for dealing with expat stress is to plan a trip. The change in surroundings can help your mind reset and find some calm. Choose some sites of interest to visit when there and enjoy some delicious food too.

The busyness of modern life makes it hard to find time for those that matter most, so a weekend away with no distractions is a great chance to do this. Spend this trip having quality time with loved ones, or make plans to meet new friends.

However, a solo trip is also something to consider. You could wile away the time reading your favourite novel, or exploring the beautiful scenery. Whatever you choose, a well-needed break can provide relief from burnout.

Regularly exercise

Exercising regularly is a good way to handle stress and keep yourself healthy. You could take part in an exercise class, go for a run, or simply take a walk outside.

Additionally, a workout is known to improve your mood, which can be negatively impacted by burnout. Scheduling in a time to exercise gives you an opportunity to focus on your fitness.

Why not enrol in a class with a friend? Arranging to exercise with someone can motivate you to stay active and make the activity more fun. It could even become a part of your weekly schedule if you enjoy yourself.

The gym is also a great place to make new friends. Seeing a friendly face to chat with and share a joke may reduce burnout and take your mind off your worries.

Reiterate why you’re on this journey

In tough moments, it can be wise to think about why you moved to this new destination in the first place. Were you moving for your dream job? To be with loved ones? Or for a new adventure?

There are lots of things to be experienced when moving abroad, and taking a moment to remember the reasons for living there can give you a fresh perspective. It might just be the case that you need to give yourself a bit more time to adjust to your new surroundings.

It doesn’t help expat burnout to spend all your time indoors – giving yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day can decrease your stress is a good idea. Also try and make the most of the experience by putting yourself out there to make new friends.

Make a point to learn more about the country’s culture. This will give you a deeper appreciation of the society and how its people live, and could involve trying great food or visiting local landmarks.

Set yourself achievable goals

Placing too much pressure on yourself to achieve everything all at once can cause burnout. When you move abroad, there is an urge to adjust quickly and feel settled, but rushing can make you more stressed.

Try and write down a list of how much you have already achieved, detailing your journey to this point. This can make you think about things more positively, allowing you to reward yourself for the hard work you’ve done.

Create some goals that are realistic to achieve. Take everything one step at a time and go at your own pace. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish when handling tasks this way.

Don’t forget to relax

It’s easy to forget that you don’t have to be busy every moment of the day. It is okay to pause and take some time for yourself. Why not arrange a video chat with loved ones back home to catch up on life?

Do something you might not always have the time for, such as taking a walk in the local park or cooking yourself a nourishing dinner. This can make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next day.

Now might also be an opportunity to pick up a hobby you’ve not had a chance to do since you moved. This could quickly become a part of your routine, and give you something to look forward to after a long day.