• published on 6/6/2022
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Everything you need to know about getting a visa for Algeria

Nationals of a very large number of countries need to get a visa to enter Algeria, even for a short stay. From tourist visas down to business visas, what are the supporting documents you need to provide when applying for a visa for Algeria? If you are a citizen of a Schengen area member state, having travel and repatriation insurance is compulsory. To prepare your stay in Algeria, learn about visa request procedures.

Getting a visa for Algeria

Who needs a visa ?

A visa is required to travel to Algeria, whatever the length or the purpose of your stay. There are four main types of visas:

  • tourist visas,

  • family visa,

  • business visa,

  • work visa.

Visa-exempt countries

  • Nationals of the following countries don't need a visa to enter Algeria: Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Seychelles, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia and Yemen.

  • Nationals of the following countries holding diplomatic passports do not require a visa to travel to Algeria: Argentina, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary and Romania.

  • Diplomatic or official passport holders from the countries mentioned bellow also can enter Algeria without a visa: Albania, Benin, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Guinea, Italy, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Niger, Peru, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Senegal, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Algeria visa application requirements

Depending on the country you are from and type of visa you are asking for, requirements may vary slightly. Visa fees always are different from one country to another.

Requested documents

No matter what your nationality is and whatever the type of visa you are lodging an application for, you will always need to submit at least the following documents:

  • visa application form,

  • passport valid for at least six months,

  • copy of the identification pages of your passport,

  • two recent ID pictures.

If you are a citizen of a Schengen area member state, you will also need to enclose in your visa application proof of travel insurance cover for your stay in Algeria.

Depending on the type of visa, additional documents such as an accommodation certificate, a letter from your employer or a work permit may be requested.

Insurance requirements

When applying for a visa, all nationals of Schengen area member states must prove they have taken out travel and repatriation insurance for their stay in Algeria. The insurance solution should always include repatriation cover. Minimum coverage must reach a minimum of EUR30,000.

To get a visa for Algeria, gather all the requested documents in advance!

To find out more about travelling to Algeria:

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