• published on 4/27/2023
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Coping with Dubai's high temperature and extreme weather as an expat

Dubai is known for its extremely hot weather all year round. Find out how to protect yourself and cope with the heat as an expat living in Dubai.

Coping with Dubai's high temperature and extreme weather as an expat

Situated within the Arabian desert, Dubai is famous for its extreme weather and heat all year round, especially during summertime when temperatures can reach 50°C. Coupled with high humidity, the environment in Dubai can be dangerous to one’s health. To help cope with this extreme weather, this article provides comprehensive tips on how to maintain your health and cope with the weather in Dubai.

Keep yourself hydrated

This is possibly the most important tip to take note of when living in or visiting Dubai. Health experts often advise people to drink at least 2 litres of water every day, and this can vary between men and women, from 2 to 3 litres. This is especially crucial when you are in a hot and humid country like the UAE, as drinking enough water keeps you hydrated and prevents heatstroke. The water in Dubai is produced by desalination, so drinking from the tap is perfectly safe. Nonetheless, you should always remember to carry a water bottle with you.

Use SPF amply

As the days are long in summer and the sun is scorching hot, slather on a sunscreen or skincare product with SPF 50 as it can greatly help to protect the skin from UV rays and prevent skin cancer. It is recommended that you use sunscreen in Dubai throughout the year to reduce the risk of skin problems such as sunspots, rashes, and premature skin aging for both women and men.

Wear sun protective gear

If you still feel eager to explore the outdoors of Dubai, be sure to wear sun protective gear like caps and sunglasses. This is to protect your eyes from UV rays, which can cause detrimental consequences if exposed to them too often.

Stay indoors

For those who prefer being outdoors, you may think that staying indoors all the time might become boring over time. However, Dubai boasts some of the best indoor attractions in the world, as they have some of the best shopping malls in the world. With the scorching weather in mind, Dubai’s malls are built with facilities that normally would not be found in typical malls, such as indoor rock-climbing walls and ice-skating rinks. Enjoy your time indoors exploring Dubai’s air-conditioned malls.

Avoid taking cold showers or baths

The common instinct for anyone who is feeling hot and sweaty is to douse themselves in cold water to cool off. However, taking cold showers or baths should be avoided when living in Dubai or any hot destinations. After taking a cold shower, the body tends to produce more body heat to replace the heat lost during the shower, which can make you feel even warmer than before.

Eat in little portions and regularly

As the weather is extremely warm in Dubai, the body tends to feel less hungry as digestion generates heat, and in this case, the body is trying to reduce the amount of heat and energy used in the body. Therefore, it would be more comfortable to enjoy meals in smaller portions to expend less energy digesting.

Stay protected with health insurance

 It is not uncommon to suffer from illnesses or medical issues wherever you are. The heat in Dubai could cause potential side effects that require medical attention, such as dehydration or heat stroke. Staying protected with health insurance can ensure that your family and you can properly receive medical attention should you fall ill.

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