• published on 3/21/2024
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Best places to live in Bangkok for expats

Bangkok has a magnetic pull for expats seeking an exciting yet affordable international life. This bustling Thai capital offers a potent mix of exotic culture, tropical adventure, and modern amenities that keep drawing foreigners from all over the world.

Best places to live in Bangkok for expats

Young professionals are attracted by enticing job prospects and the ability to indulge in the city's vibrant social scene. Families with children, on the other hand, are drawn in by the enriching cross-cultural experience along with access to top international schools and excellent private healthcare facilities.

According to Colliers Thailand and the Employment Department revealed that over 156,596 expatriates resided in Thailand during the first quarter of 2023. More than half of this population chose Bangkok as their home.

From its bustling business districts to its serene residential neighborhoods, Bangkok provides a range of living options to suit different lifestyles and budgets. Here are some of the best areas to consider:

Sathorn and Silom

The Sathorn/Silom area is a popular choice for expats living in Bangkok. Nicknamed Bangkok's "Wall Street," this district is the heart of the city's business scene. Expats working in finance or corporate roles will find themselves at the center of the action with easy access to offices and professional networks.

Sathorn boasts luxury high-rises and sophisticated condos, while Silom offers a vibrant mix of modern apartments and historical shophouses. This convenience comes at a cost. Sathorn and Silom are among Bangkok's most expensive areas.

Phrom Phong

Phrom Phong is a trendy and upscale neighborhood that has become increasingly popular with young professionals and expats seeking a stylish lifestyle. Trendy cafes, international restaurants, and upscale bars line the streets.

Expats can indulge in retail therapy at the luxurious Emquartier mall, housing designer brands and gourmet food options. The EmSphere complex offers art exhibitions and cultural events.


Asok lies at a major transit hub where the BTS and MRT rail lines intersect. It offers expats an extremely well-connected location filled with shopping malls, department stores, street markets, and a vibrant nightlife scene. The condo towers in Asok are often more affordable compared to nearby neighborhoods.


The trendy Ari neighborhood appeals to expats seeking a community vibe away from the city center chaos. This hip area has funky boutiques, cool cafes, bars, and art galleries lining its main artery.

Ari is well-positioned near the BTS and offers affordable condos popular with younger expats and students. The neighborhood retains pockets of old-school charm.

Krung Thonburi

On the western side of the Chao Phraya River, Krung Thonburi charms many expats with its laidback vibe and glimpses of old Bangkok life. This historic area has atmospheric canals, shrines, classical Thai architecture, and markets.

While a bit far from downtown, housing costs are lower and the BTS connects it to the city center. Krung Thonburi appeals to expats looking for an authentic Thai neighborhood experience.

Rama 9

This area is a haven for families seeking a balance between budget and quality education. Property prices are generally lower compared to central areas, making it easier to find a comfortable home.

The presence of international schools like Regent's International School and St. Mark's International School in Rama 9 ensures access to excellent educational options for children. Large shopping malls like Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 and The Mall Bangkapi provide families with ample options for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Some key factors for expats before moving to Bangkok

  • Cost of living: While Bangkok is relatively inexpensive compared to many major cities, the cost of living can still be a consideration. Expenses like housing, international school fees, and healthcare can add up quickly for expat families.

  • Climate: Bangkok's tropical climate with intense heat, humidity, and monsoonal rains can be challenging, especially for those unused to such conditions. Proper housing with good air conditioning is a must for comfort.

  • Pollution: Air and noise pollution levels in Bangkok are relatively high due to traffic congestion and construction.

  • Traffic: Bangkok traffic is notoriously congested during rush hours. Long commute times should be expected, which can impact work-life balance negatively. Living close to work or public transit lines is advisable.

  • Green spaces: Having access to parks and green spaces is crucial for families with children.

  • Healthcare: Bangkok boasts a reputation for quality healthcare. Both public and private hospitals are available. Public hospitals can offer lower costs but often come with longer wait times.

To ensure a smooth experience, most expats opt for comprehensive international health insurance which gives them to access private hospitals with shorter wait times and potentially more English-speaking medical professionals.


With a low cost of living, amazing culture, and large, established expat community, it's no wonder so many expatriates decide to make Bangkok their adopted home for a life of fun adventure in Southeast Asia.

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